Monday, July 31, 2006

Room for One More Inside

Today’s story in The Times might lead you to think of Thanet

The paper writes: “A huge rise in immigration from Eastern Europe next year could cause chaos in schools and hospitals and spark a public backlash, according to a leaked government report. It also gives warning that ministers may be forced to abandon their refusal to grant housing and welfare benefits, creating what it describes as an extra “pull factor”, attracting further immigrants.”

Is this alarmist in view of the previous numbers of welfare migrants who have been deposited on our shoreline over the last ten years or so and I include the gentleman I encountered swimming into Margate, fully clothed, a half mile offshore, three years ago.

What do you think? “Room for one more inside”, to use a well-worn expression.


Maverick said...

There is no "could" about it. It WILL cause a public backlash, and for numerous reasons, not just schools. I would like to remind our wonderful forward thinking Council, that they have just given planning permission for acres and acres of glasshouses at Birchington. Who did the clever planning officer think was going to be employed picking tomatoes at 50p an hour? The Local home grown scroats, or several hundred eastern european gypsies?

James Maskell said...

The article in the Mail On Sunday was specifically blaming Poles for this. I find that pretty out of order. As Ive said before I live in a house of Poles and have had no problems with them. In fact they agree with me that immigrants should only be welcome if they are willing to work and pay their taxes and follow the law. No one is on benefits, they all have jobs. They all follow the law and in my opinion are perfectly welcome here.

Maverick, the Poles I live with work on the said tomato fields. Its hard work for them but they do it because it means they can have a place to live.

If there are jobs available and the locals arent going for them, why criticise immigrants from taking those jobs?

Anonymous said...

James, do you know if they are they getting paid properly for what they do?
At least minimum wage?
Are they living decently or are they crammed into small flats, more than we would find acceptable?

Dane Valley Ted said...

Housing is going to be a big issue as T.D.C are already giving houses to people who have only been here for less than a year
Some tenants have been told they have to stay in overcrowded flats with no chance of a move and they look out and see a family move into a 3 bedroomed house ahead of them.
It is no good the council saying that they have different needs,sod the needs,let them go to the back of the queue and wait like the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Maverick's views make wide sweeping assumptions. Tell us Maverick since I do not know, how do you know these people are Gypsies? Have you something gainst Gypsies? Some are thieves, so are some of the people who live in houses. You WILL find people who pick tomatos are normal people, students, workers, even gypsies. What have people got against the Poles? If it wasn't for Polish servicemen who fought in the Battle of Britain we would have been obliterated by facism, some of which appears on these boards in the views held. I'm sick to death of the British press who if they are not picking on single mums, pick on Gypsies, or pick on Muslims or pick on Immigrants. Now it's Jews, no word on how they are suffering though. Hitler picked on a minority group to blame Germany's troubles in the 30s. People forget or are ignorant of how much we owe the Poles. Without their significant contribution half you people would have been born in Nazi Labour Camps, though I think some of you might deserve a day in one to see where you are heading. There always has to be an enemy created by sensationalism.

Anonymous said...

I think we are getting a little confused here.
Gypsies are traditionally nomadic dark skinned people of Indian descent. They are generally thought to be not into regular jobs or happy living in houses.

Poles are not like this at all. They aspire to the same goals as we do, that is a regular job and a nice home in one place.
What we in England call Gypsies these days are mostly not Gypsies but Travellers, many of who are of Irish origin who come here because British laws on trespass etc are laxer than Irish ones.
Yes Hitler did murder many Gypsies, also many Communists, Homosexuals, Intellectuals, Catholics and Jews, to mention just a few groups. Also Poles, Russians, French, Belgians, Norwegians etc etc.
Interestingly Hitler felt affinity with the British people and thought we might even side with him.
He was of course wrong.

As far as the Israelis are concerned I am troubled by the amount of coverage given to the Lebanese who are portrayed by the BBC as victims compared to the much shorter time on air given to the Israeli side who are portrayed as aggressors.
This is not in fact the case, the Israelis are reacting to being attacked, and by reacting vigorously hope to bring a speedy end to the problem.
The civilian casualties on both sides are very unfortunate but as Hizbollah apparently fire their rockets hiding in the middle of their own civilian population what are the Israelis meant to do?

The whole situation should never have started and I hope it ends soon.

Anonymous said...

anon again!

Hate/Jealousy/Greed.... 3 terrible words that the Muslim teach their kids in school from a very early age openly in Arabic Lands.

As long as this practice continues, there will NEVER be Peace in the Middle East!

The Arab is wounded because he cannot take the Land back that was given to Israel, by us and the U.N.
Don't forget, if Hitler had fulfilled his intentions, there would NOT be an Israel today!

No, there will NEVER be Peace in the Middle East!

Anonymous said...

Not sure how we got on to the Middle East from eastern Europeans. Though for what it's worth I agree with the above the BBC are happy to criticise Israel but seem to overlook where the real terrorists are.

However as for the actual topic under discussion. I have no problem with the Poles. They are pretty much all hard working, honest, decent people. I am afraid I cannot say the same for some of the other recent entrants to the EU and as for Bulgaria and Romania joining. Well if the idiots we have in charge allow them to come here and work we will be in big trouble. It wouldn't be a problem if we could say that these people are not entitled to welfare, hospital treatment etc. but the lunatics in the judiciary have ruled otherwise. On top of that our "European friends" have given asylum to tens of thousands of wasters who come here as soon as they get their papers. These people are allowed to claim benefits and live in council accomodation. We recently had the outrageous decision by some fool of a judge that a couple of Dutch Somalis who were living in a council house on the dole were entitled to stay here. Even though they are "not economically active" In theory EU nationls who are not economically active i.e. on the dole are not entitled to live here. However our spineless government and the judiciary have conspired to allow this outrage. I see no reason wht EU nationals should be allowed to come and live here without ever contributing a penny to the Exchequer. The sooner we realise what damage being in the EU is doing to us the better.

James Maskell said...

The Poles I know get paid properly for the work they do. The house is fine and we live comfortably. I would guess I would be the first one to be moaning if the living conditions werent good enough and Im quite happy there. If they werent happy they would know how to complain about it...their English isnt that bad...a lot better than my Polish!. The Poles are pretty damn grateful to Britain for what its done for them.

Anonymous said...

We simply are not in a position to welcome thousands of extra people (from anywhere) into Kent , never mind Thanet. There is not enough water now - it wont be long before we have to take a bottle of perrier with us to "flush" the lavvy. The road system in Thanet is inadequate now - another few thousand cars will not help.
I agree with Maverick - anyone accepting work at less than minimum wage level is bad for us all. It is a fact that E.Europeans can work for less. In rip off Britain , this is not good news for us who live here already! The history lesson was interesting but I am not sure we owe the Poles as much as you say, after all - we declared war upon Germany as a result of the invasion of Poland - we didn't just sit on our hands and let them suffer.Many Polish were thankful for the chance that was given them to fight against the enemy (no spitfires in Poland).