Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Post is Back

I've turned anonymous comments back on again in the hope that the "trolls" will stay away and let the rest of us carry on sensible and civil conversations on this website.

But having no great faith that the handful of disruptive characters will exercise discretion, I've taken the precaution of switching-on comment moderation. It's rather tedious but for a short time at least. This gives me more powerful editorial control - not really what I want - in kicking out the troublemakers.

If it sounds like censorship the you'll have to trust me to use it fairly. No insults, personal attacks or spiteful comments please. By all means be critical and argue your corner and please sign your name.


Anonymous said...

Great I like the precautions.

Cynical Snob

Anonymous said...

Any chance of you taking photo's of the new Dr surgery as building progresses as this will add to my collection of Changing Westgate.

Cynical Snob

Old Codger said...

Much better as I had problems finding out how to be a blogger and having done so cannot remember the password I used; a 'senior thing' that seems to be happening more frequently these days! Nothing wrong with editorial control.

B of Birchington said...

I too ran into grey fug trying to be a blog. Advanced age I suppose to blame. Glad I can again contribute albeit in a small way.

Anonymous said...

It must be a bit tedious having to go through the mail to eliminate trolls. If only people would act like guests in someones home we wouldn't need this. Sadly though manners and courtesy are gradually disappearing in Blair's Britain.

B from Birchington said...

Glad to see it back, couldn't cope with new technology