Sunday, July 30, 2006

On the Beach

Six hours “behind the wheel” and having limped home with a dodgy starter from Devon, I can’t find the enthusiasm to write this evening.

Looking at the comments on Jetskis from yesterday, I think it’s high time the council took some kind of action, perhaps copying the Canterbury scheme as suggested. What is noticeable is the consensus that our seafront is not being properly policed in a manner which would anticipate and prevent anti-social behaviour of all kinds.

A question for my next “Ask Sandy” I think, unless you can come up with some more novel suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Have you thought about giving out the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all Councilors in the area's concerned. Also giving out the names, addresses and telephone numbers for all forcourt managers who are probably sitting at home or in a restaurant when all the problems occure. I'me sure with all your contacts this would be no problem.

Excuse the spelling mistakes.

from CS.

Anonymous said...

I see your clock is like mine in the car....... never changes from summer to winter. I know that i am behine the times but.....

CS 23:46

Maverick said...

I thoroughly agree with your suggestion Simon. And the reason that I support the Canterbury scheme is that whilst my daughter was completing the RYA PWC training course at Herne Bay, I spent a considerable amount of time talking to the Council Warden who was on duty at the Harbour. I too asked the self same questions which others have raised regarding irresponsible use etc. By providing the facilities, Canterbury have a good system and retain control, and would you believe, they even use ASBO'S if someone misbehaves. After more than an hour, it all made sense. The launching facilities are used by all boat users and it appeared to me, with complete harmony. I was even asked by a passer-by if I new a jet skier who had towed in a de-masted dinghy that morning. Not everyone with a jet ski is a marine hooligan.

If anyone cares to drive to Herne Bay, they will see that all the marine activities have added considerably to a vibrant sea front which draws tourists, and which is exactly what TDC are attempting to create in Margate.

Simon, if you would like to experience it from the other side, you would be more than welcome. It would probably have to be at Herne Bay though. I callenge you!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately whatever may have been said about weeding out the ineffective managers and other staff at TDC - nothing much seems to have changed.
Currently when you write to TDC you usually don't get an acknowledgement let alone an answer or any action.
When you telephone TDC the person you want to speak to is rarely there, is off sick, on leave or away from his/her desk. When you leave a message there is invariably no reply in my experience.
I will say that refuse collection seems to be working better and that generally Margate where I live is a bit tidier.
More big bins are needed, especially around the Dalby Sq area where the poor street cleaner spends a lot of time clearing up after the seagulls who have torn open the heaps of black sacks.
This is the fault of TDC who did not impose rubbish facilities as a condition of planning for all those bedsits.
So they can at least supply big bins and make the place look tidier as well as saving staff time - which is paid for by our Council Tax.
I would write/phone TDC but after my efforts to get some action over other matters recently I have given up.
TDC need to give some proper service, when and where it is needed and that includes weekends and public holidays.
Building a Turner Centre is not going to magically solve any problems at all.

As far as speaking to Councillors is concerned it is a waste of time where I live, we have the old man who doesn't represent us and the invisible man who we never see (obviously) as ours, anyone guess which ward I live in?

DrMoores said...

Thanks for the offer Maverick. I vaguely recall trying a jetski once but was disappointed when it didn't take off although I was sure it was fast enough.. perhaps some balsa wood wings might do the trick?

I'll stick to my kayak for now - much more sedate!

Mr Friday said...

Dr Moores - a question for Ask Sandy.

"What is TDC doing to actively improve itself by learning from the success of some of the other Councils in Kent (eg Canterbury, Maidstone) who have been rated as "Excellent" by the Audit Commission ?. Have TDC managers been to these Councils to find out how they have improved services ?"


Anonymous said...

Last week I tried all week to speak to someone (preferably Nigel Cruttenden but anyone would do) at TDC anti social behaviour unit.
No one at all was available, I left messages and was told to call early in the morning after 8.45.
Well this morning I have done just that, and guess what - NO ONE THERE AGAIN!

There is a question for Sandy Ezekiel.

What is the point of having an ASB Unit if you can't speak to them?

The Police aren't interested in
this particular problem, which affects the quality of life of quite a few people and involves damage to property, and where else can you turn?

I had hoped TDC were improving but it doesn't seem like its any different to previously.

Maverick said...

Well Well annon 7.59am there's something new. What is more allarming, is that on Saturday afternoon, for the 130,000 residents of Thanet, there was only six, uniformed response officers on duty for the whole of Thanet, with over one hundred callers left without any police response whatsoever. Sleep tight!!

Anonymous said...

Maverick - how can you find out these interesting facts?
Now I know why I called the police last Thursday and no one has been yet.

Maverick said...

Annon 8.18am. You can use the F of I Act with a very specific enquiry. Yet another horror story came to me yesterday. Mother of an eleven year old girl reported a pervert exposing himself (and worse) in front of her daughter. It took three days for police to attend and tell her, "There's not much we can do, he's probably got away by now". Too many chiefs and not enough indians. That's re-organisation for you!! Maybe it's time for Sandy to get involved on our behalf?

Anonymous said...

Sandy could get involved with putting TDC right.

I just called TDC to speak to Environmental Health - Ed Scarfe about a deceased person's body.

The person who answered the main number was pretty helpful.
Ed Scarfe, he informed me, is not going to be at work anytime soon. (His exact words)
Peter Wells is covering for him but is on holiday currently.
Penny Button is covering for both the aforementioned but is not answering the phone.
Poor Penny - doing 3 people's work, or attempting to anyway, I wouldn't be answering my phone either in those circumstances.

What to do now?

I think the only thing to do is for me to give up and move to an area where the local council actually give reasonable service.

I am tired of banging my head against the brick wall that is TDC.

James Maskell said...

"As far as speaking to Councillors is concerned it is a waste of time where I live, we have the old man who doesn't represent us and the invisible man who we never see (obviously) as ours, anyone guess which ward I live in?"

Elections are in 9 months from Thursday, so with any luck its a matter of time before that changes... I know residents in that area have been waiting over 3 years for decent representation.