Friday, July 21, 2006

Now You See Them - Now You Don't

Two caravans that were being used for anti-social behaviour on the Newington estate have been removed in a joint police and Council operation.

The action was taken under the new Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act, which allows the removal of abandoned, nuisance vehicles without notice, provided it can be proved that the vehicles don't have owners.

The caravans, which were unroadworthy, were being used by local teenagers to live in, with other youths gathering around the vehicles, drinking, harassing people and causing noise and disturbance until the early hours of the morning. Following the operation yesterday (Thursday 20 July), the caravans have now been sent away to be crushed.

Ward Councillors for Newington, Cllr. Richard Nicholson and Cllr. Mike Harrison, said: "The Council's Community Safety department have acted very quickly and promptly and have got rid of this terrible eyesore, which was blighting the whole area. Well done to all concerned."

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