Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A New Identity

A curious tale today.

Found down the side of my hedge, a pile of letters addressed to a woman living in Westgate Bay Ave in Westgate. BT Bills, PAYE slips, NHS card application, Argos card application, I could go on.

Enough material to clone a person’s identity without too much trouble.

Something is going on and I had a word with the police, who have taken it seriously enough to give it a crime number.

My guess, for what it’s worth is identity theft, the fastest growing crime of the decade. This kind of thing is frequently serious and organised, so I wonder who might be behind it and why Westgate? Unless of course the woman in question has simply mislaid all her most valuable items of post. Any guesses.


Anonymous said...

Obviously the purse has been nicked,the cash taken & the rest discarded. Its seems obvious!

ann onymous said...

Were the letters unopened? I live close to Westgate Bay Avenue and I have not been getting all my post. And have lodged a complaint with Royal Mail.

DrMoores said...

Too much material for a purse being nicked...i.e. several months of payslips, loan application, Argos card application, NHS card application etc etc. While possible, it seems unlikely that someone would be carrying so many vital pieces of post at once? All the post was opened.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting post but a client who claims to have posted me something twice now has not been received here, address in Westgate.