Thursday, July 27, 2006

New Council Aggregation Web Site

Poor Thanet Council has attracted a critical news aggregation website – no not ‘aggravation’ - that you can use if you wish to avoid flicking through the many different Thanet Weblogs. I’ll add a link on the sidebar as well for you but it’s encouraging to see a portal that brings everything together, even if it bylined:

"Mission Statement: bring attention to bear on Thanet Council and to provide indipendant information on, and critical anaysis of, a council widely held to be the worst in the country in the hope of spuring some improvement. "

Not my spelling by the way!


Anonymous said...

Perhaps we need a site similar for Thanet Police.
I had read how they had improved yet today at about 10am I found out differently.

A muscular and frightening thug in his 20's was threatening and abusing 2 elderly men this morning for no good reason.

I called 999 and was told it was not a 999 matter. I was told to call 01843 231055, a number which I knew from past experience is often answered by a recording.

Because of this I asked for a different number and was given a Maidstone one.

The 999 operator refused to give me a name or number so who she was will forever remain a mystery.

They are apparently untouchable.

Anyway 231055 was engaged, not a surprise. The Maidstone police number answered, took all the details and guess what, ten hours later, - SO FAR NO ONE HAS CONTACTED ME OR ATTENDED!

Anonymous said...

From the website:

The "One Stop Shop" that was a libaray.

It's LIBRARY not Libary here:-

and here:-

Anonymous said...

anon again!
With reference to the posting of 7:13 PM.
I read, with disgust, the attitude of modern day Emergency's. Thank you for for pointing these facts out. Seems like the only thing the Police are bovvered about nowadays, is their wages!
They were in action down at Birchington Station though, earlier this evening chasing some silly little teens who were showing off and generally being idiots (as they do). I believe they got at least 1 of the 20 or so of the 'Brainless', in for questioning.
I think the Police are spending most of their day in front of a Computer buying new Police cars and Uniforms on eBay!
They certainly aren't answering 999!

tony flaig said...

There is a danger that apart from copyright issues that blogs may be taken out of context in which the author wishes them to be scene.

Anonymous said...

Anon 911 - If we poynted out all the speling misstakes on these sights thier woodnt bee ane room four anything else.
Even Tony Floig at 11.10 misspelt "seen" as "scene".
I never maik ane speeling misstakes and knot with my gramma eihter!

tony flaig said...

Anon 911 spelling and correct grammer are the preserve of those in the community who are educated but unlikly to develop any original ideas, me I admit to poor written englis h but so what ?

Like any sphere in life people like to control and take charge well me im still developing. I pity the reader whom reads my stuff only to be niggled by petty rules. Your comment is relevant but im sure you have the reasoning power to decode my comment. I have an IQ of 126 but not the ability follow rules of grammar so 911 perhaps as you lack original thought you could act as my editor that would help me and you could feel superior , or get your own blog cheers have a nice day

DrMoores said...

"Spelling and correct grammer are the preserve of those in the community who are educated but unlikly to develop any original ideas" - What absolute rubbish Tony.

While it's not polite to draw attention to another's spelling mistakes in a public forum, where "typos" are easily made - I make errors all the time - we should not forget that language, represented by a common and well-established set of rules, defines our identity as a nation and also, like it or not, is a powerful indicator of education,position and achievement within our society.

Once it fails, as it has over the last two decades or so, then one is presented with the farce of GCSE's in English being presented to children who have a limited grasp of vocabulary, grammar and syntax, which again, like it or not, may lead to a career disadvantage later in life - I can't be bothered to check for spelling mistakes either!

tony flaig said...

Your too kind Doc, thing is language evolves and im trying to assist, perhaps the written word should be like the spoken word understandable but individual and with accents.

tony flaig said...

think of the extra work for lawyers!