Saturday, July 29, 2006

Margate Girl Found in Athens

The BBC reports that missing Margate teenager, Nataleigh Cross, has been found safe in Athens,
Kent Police made a public appeal after the 14-year-old vanished on 5 July, and was thought to be with Peter Willcox.

The pair became friends several years ago and Mr Willcox, a labourer, recently moved from Kent to a rented property in Cuenca, central Spain.

Police added the teenager will be flown home later and a 48-year-old man is in custody while inquiries continue.


Anonymous said...

I am glad this troubled teenager has been found safe.
I liked Thanet when I was 14, it was a fun place, now they can't wait to get away. Just shows how the place has gone down I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Nothing to do with the standards of self respect, personal responsibility and family values instilled by the parent/s by chance? Anonymous 08;33 implies that the surroundings are partly to blame. We have 26 miles of coast, plenty of green space compared to most places, opportunities for sports and other activities, and "the place has gone down"? What has "gone down" is the facility at Dreamland and the quality of arcades, because the rest of the world has moved on in its expectations of what constitutes a good time. Get a grip, and stop using any excuse to bash Thanet.

Anonymous said...

It's not that the rest of the world has moved on, it's that a good proportion of them have moved on into Thanet!!

Anonymous said...

anon again!

I wonder how much it cost in Police time/wages/paperwork etc Internationally. This brainless action that caused much stress and hurt at home.

Most would say I am harsh, but I feel she needs some kind of punishment for her ill deed.

I am glad, however, that she will be coming home to Mum! (Alive!)

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.58pm Before you judge, I wonder if 14 year old Natalie will be pleased to be back with "Mum". I wonder if Dad is at home or whether she has endless "Uncles". I wonder if the loving family unit
have any connection with drugs or abuse? I wonder if she wasn't trying to escape from an appaling situation. I wonder if Mum is regularly known to the local Constabulary!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.18, maybe its just her teenage hormones going rampant?
It might not be any of the bad scenes you propose.
Obviously she is too young but wouldn't most kids who had the chance go to Athens? I know I did it when I was 16, train and bus all the way, air travel was out of the question, took me 3 days to get there.
16 is different to 14, 2 years makes a lot of difference, not just legally either.
Mind you I did it in my own , not with some much older man, but it was still the spirit of adventure.

Having seen the mother on TV I also wasn't very convinced that N had a stable background. But N should be either in care or with her family, I hope she doesn't do it again it must be an expensive job for the police etc.

James Maskell said...

Its good news that she is coming home. Curious to hear it was Athens not Spain, but oh well. Shes on her way home and thats what matters.

Clearly there is a lot of stuff we dont know about the family. There must've been a reason for her running away (I know its not her first time-I believe it was reported here that time as well. I recognised the photo). I hope this might be the last we hear about it. Its a shame so much police resources had to be used to track her down.