Sunday, July 09, 2006

Local Wish List

Having a chat with my neighbours yesterday, it occurred to me that simple things can be done by the council without great effort or expense to improve the surrounding quality of life. Give that local councillors and local government officers regularly, “dip-in” to the website, why not suggest three “wishes” for things that could be sensibly improved within walking distance of your own home.

Here’s my local three:

1. Turn Beach Road and Boundary Road in Westgate back into the one-way system it once was. With the Nottingham Castle pub busy to all hours, traffic pressure on to the beach car park and more cars than ever before, these very narrow roads, which don’t have room for cars to pass each other, need to go back into what they once were. The one-way system was seasonal when I was younger and then someone at TDC seemed to have forgotten about one summer and we’ve been left with the chaos ever since. Can we have it back please?

2. Place a speed camera on Westgate Bay Avenue as it becomes Westbrook Avenue or at least some form of traffic calming. I hate speed cameras but the road is now becoming potentially lethal as more and more traffic, including trucks uses it. At night, it becomes a juvenile race track, as does the Royal Esplanade.

3. More visibility of Community or Police Officers on the seafront during the summer and especially warm weekends. What about a bicycle patrol that takes them between the bays on the promenade on the sunnier days – didn’t we have one once? - There’s too much ground to travel on foot and when I was young at least, our local beat “copper” on a bicycle acted as a form of deterrent to anti-social behaviour.

What’s on your wish list?


Anonymous said...

I would like a dog warden at weekends - yesterday we had to catch a dog which was running loose in and out of heavy traffic by the Sea Bathing Hospital in Westbrook before an accident occurred.
Called Kent's Finest, on their regular number not 999, and of course it was a recorded message. We left our phone number as requested but no-one called us back.
Tried to call TDC - after all they have dog wardens don't they? - and there was a recorded message telling us to call another number - so we did that and the lady who answered said there was no dog warden at weekends.
Fortunately later on we found a drunk woman collapsed up the road surrounded by a heap of broken bottles, it was her dog.
She took the dog and eventually staggered off up the road, the male boxer dog looked a bit thin but was very friendly.
Do problems only occur weekdays as far as TDC are concerned?
Would it have been their responsibility anyway?
What do Dog Wardens do except issue 17 tickets in a whole year according to a previous post on here?

What else could we do?

Mr Friday said...

People who read my posts will probably have assumed that I am not TDC's biggest fan.

However, credit where credit is due. I went on a run this morning from Westgate to Palm Bay and back and all the toilets were open and I spotted several beach cleaners out picking up rubbish together with a few TDC vehicles patrolling the promenade. Beaches and promenade looked 100% better (even the area outside Pav's cafe).

Keep it up !!

PS - I know that isn't really a wish-list but couldn't think of where else to post it !!

worm said...

Make Marine Terrace and Cecil Square pedestrian with buses and taxis only, and before car addicts start bleating on about how they are going to get around it, I don't care! It's my wish!

Anonymous said...

Margate High St is meant to be pedestrian only during most of the day and yet I have been nudged by vehicles several times recently walking up it.
One of my tenants was actually knocked down up there a couple of years ago by a white van, the cctv cameras were no help apparently as the Police couldn't identify the vehicle or driver so nothing was done.
Does anyone monitor this?
Are there exceptions for security vans and delivery vans?
I often see ordinary cars driving up there during the day.

Anonymous said...

anon again!

I think the upper High Street is closed to all traffic from 10 AM to 4 PM,as is Ramsgate.
There should be NO cars or Vans during these hours. Only emergency vehicles allowed, NOT even your Blue Badge Brigade are allowed to enter these sites.
It's set aside for Pedestrians!

Anonymous said...

I wish we could have our pier back.we were one of the first seaside resorts to have a pier -1736 i think,yet after years of neglet it got into a terrible state but WHY did'nt they repair it??the structure was sound{it took numerous attemts to blow it up)and a pier draws crowds ahhh it makes me weep.....

S Ladyman said...

I personally would like to see the pay to park schemes abolished in our towns - they are bad for business and what happens ot the revenues generated by them anyway - I think it is insulting that we are taxed to the hilt and then expected to pay to park on a public road! I would also like to see the free motorcycle parking reinstated in public car parks - this seems to have mysteriously vanished over the years.