Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Local Plan Adopted

Before I forget, I didn’t have time to put in an “Ask Sandy” last week and I’m waiting on a reply to a question about the future of Dreamland.

Thanet's Local Plan has now been formally adopted and will be the main document used to guide planning decisions in the area until 2011.

The overall approach of the Local Plan was backed by an independent Government Planning Inspector, who described it as adopting a "fresh, dynamic approach to sustainable growth, employment and productivity".

The Inspector endorsed the Plan's bold and positive strategy to reverse Thanet's social and economic problems and safeguard the District's environment. Specifically, he supported the Plan's key development projects, including the new town centre at Westwood Cross and the identification of greenfield land to add to the choice of home-owning opportunities in the area. In addition to supporting the development necessary to revive the economy, the Plan protects the coast, beaches and open spaces from unacceptable development.

Cllr. John Kirby, Cabinet Member for Development Services, said: "It is extremely pleasing that we have finally reached this stage, after years of hard work by our officers. This is a bold Local Plan that aims to support Thanet's regeneration. It has already helped to bring the development of Westwood Cross forward, which attracted 2.5 million shoppers from across East Kent in its first year operation and I am sure that it will help to make a continued difference to our economy over the next few years."

The Local Plan is available on the Council's website at www.thanet.gov.uk/localplans with copies available for inspection at the Council Offices in Cecil Square, Margate from Monday to Friday between 8.45 a.m. - 5.00 p.m. and at all local libraries in Thanet.


stuart said...

It was adopted a week or so ago and on the whole it is a good document with the exception of the Dreamland Policy.

The claim that it will guide the area until 2011 is actually incorrect as in a 2 years time it will be replaced by a new document called a Local Development Framework. Hoepfully by then the council will have had enough of Waterbridge and secure a better deal for Dreamland when writing this new document.

By then we'll have a different administration anyway!

Anonymous said...

All that remains now of course is for the planning department and elected members to apply the relevant policies to 'all' planning matters in a fair and balanced way. We are all aware that such deliberations are subjective and that a balance has to be struck, but when decisions fly in the face of major policy objections and common sence, we will want to know why.

earwigger said...

to stuart 5.03 different administration? you mean same meat different gravy don't you? four more years of duff policies and even duffer councillors --- cheese and cucumber sandwich anyone?