Thursday, July 06, 2006

Let The Punishment Fit the Crime

31-year Colin McCurry, of Appledore Close, Margate has been charged with robbing a 93-year-old woman in Margate yesterday afternoon. He is due to appear before magistrates in Margate today.

The elderly victim was in College Road shortly before 2pm when her bag was stolen.

She suffered a broken leg, cut head and an injured hand in the attack. She is being treated at the town’s Queen Mother Hospital.

This is not a teenager charged with such an abhorrent crime, it’s a grown man, who if found guilty, can’t realistically claim “issues”, I would have thought. Let’s see if he receives a custodial sentence or a “telling-off”. I for one would like to see the person responsible for such a crime locked away and breaking rocks with a large sledgehammer for a very long time but something tells me that this won’t happen in a society where convicted murderers are “lost” to the probation service after being released in as little as five years of a life sentence.


Nethercourt said...

Never mind wasting our money keeping the thing in daytime TV and snooker.... it's a predator.... be rid.

Anonymous said...

teenager or adult the punishment should be the same.
thow away the key.

Anonymous said...

anon again!
If it was a dog, you would have to destroy it. Let this scum bag rot in some Turkish prison. They don't have TV or Snooker there. Plain stone walls, no paint! 30 other inmates, murderers, druggies all together. A Country with NO human rights for NON humans (as this swine has shown himself to be), why should we have to tolerate anything different?
Prisons used to be worse than Butlins, now, itseems not!

Snailspace said...

Flogged to within an inch of their lives.(In Public)

James Maskell said...

I hope they literally had the book thrown at that scum of the earth. Theres absolutely no excuse for that. The victim will now be terrified at the prospect of even leaving the house, while he will eventually be allowed to roam the streets again, free as a bird.

As for whether Thanet is unique in this respect, I cant say for sure, but I'd imagine Thanets not the only place. I think we hear more often of break ins at their homes and they are beaten up in their homes.

Anonymous said...

How this type of crime, targeting the frail and elderly which seems to be getting more and more frequent sickens me. Hopefully this despicable charater will be jailed and with a bit of luck he'll get the treatment that he deserves from some of the other inmates.

Anonymous said...

Funny how none of the bleeding hearts with their "prison doesn't work" mantra have shown up to comment.
Not that this lowlife will see much prison time assuming that he is found guilty and convicted.

James Maskell said...

I noticed he was being done for suspicion of robbery, not actual robbery...thats not good news. What about GBH? Thats a good few months in jail. The physical injuries couploed with the inevitable psychological injuries must be GBH. Thats the least he should be down for.

Anonymous said...

This is an outrage, a 93 year old woman having to go through this ordeal, there is no excuse for what that man done, weather it be drugs or something else. This man should be be locked away for AT LEAST 4 years, but the so called British Legal System is more worried about Human Rights of prisoners and law breakers such asColin McCurry, than it is of the victims of crime. Sometimes i do wish that our legal system was more like other countries in the world, for example the punishment for this in America would be 9 YEARS IN PRISON, in England we would be lucky if he got 9 hours community service, lets just hope that the magistrate agrees with the public on this and gives him a sentence worthy of his crime.