Thursday, July 13, 2006

Keep it Clean

I noticed a three piece suite dumped beside the road opposite the Westgate golf course on Sea road early this morning. Out of sight, out of mind for someone I suppose!

Meanwhile, a major clear up project is underway to rid a Cliftonville alleyway of dumped rubbish, weeds and graffiti.

The week long clean up, in the alleyway between Athelstan Road and Ethelbert Road, is being carried out by the Clean Kent campaign. This is an initiative which involves both Thanet Council and Kent County Council.

The scheme is part of ongoing work in the Cliftonville West Renewal Area, which has already seen a number of a number of alleyways in the area cleared up and then gated to stop any further rubbish being dumped there. The “alley-gating” schemes are run in conjunction with local residents and anyone living in the Cliftonville West area can approach the Council's Renewal Area team to ask for their help with a particular alleyway.

Residents in Cliftonville West who want to report an alleyway that needs clearing up or who want to discuss the idea of putting gates into an alleyway near their home can contact the Council's Renewal Area team on 01843 577 407 or by e-mailing


Anonymous said...

It should make everyone stop and think how much more money would be available for healthcare, education, etc if we did not have to divert so much resource towards cleaning up grafitti, rubbish and repairing acts of vandalism. But then I guess those who cause the problems are not among those who do "stop and think".

James Maskell said...

Indeed. If you cut down on Government waste as well and add savings made through reforming public services, tens of billions could be re-invested into things like the NHS and education, not to mention cutting taxes.

Anonymous said...

I presume, Mr Maskell, you mean central AND local government, and therefore Tory councils as well as Labour and Lib-Dem ones.

James Maskell said...

Councils already have to, that being imposed from above with Best Value. It goes for all Councils whether they have a majority in a Party or being NOC. That said, yes, councils should have to keep costs down whilst ensuring that services are provided at as high a level as possible. A Council must live within its means, which isnt that easy.