Wednesday, July 05, 2006

It's a Train - It's a Train!

Electrostar Services have been restored on the 06.46 Broadstairs/Cannon Street and the 17.30 Cannon Street Services.

The move, by Southeastern trains, has come in the wake of complaints from Thanet and Herne Bay commuters about the re-introduction of unsuitable Networker rolling stock lacking in disabled access, through corridors and air conditioning.

These complaints led to a meeting, at the House of Commons, between North Thanet/Herne Bay MP, Roger Gale and Southeastern`s MD, Charles Horton.

Following the meeting Charles Horton agreed to a timetable to review to reassess how best the available more modern Electrostars might be deployed.

Then, in a letter to the MP, Mr. Horton said:

"the further changes that we are making represent a better overall use of the rolling stock that we have available to us" and added that because of previous commissioning policies the new train operator had been left with insufficient Electrostars to operate every Kent Coast service.

"I am, on behalf of my constituents, hugely grateful for the constructive approach taken by Charles Horton and Southeastern" says Roger Gale.  "It takes a big man and a big company to be prepared to take another look at a decision in this way and Southeastern have done that with positive results.  With new rolling stock on order and the advent of the CTRL domestic services and a new timetable in 2009 I hope that we are - literally - now on track for a service designed to meet the needs of our commuters and other rail travellers"

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earwigger said...

talking of stations,mr Gale might like to ask why Westgate station has only been half renovated,whats the point in starting something only to leave it half finished?