Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A Horrible Place Full of Cauliflowers

The man behind “Fathers for Justice” was bought up in Thanet, which, he says, was horrible. "It's basically a giant cauliflower. There's nothing but cauliflower. That's all they do in Thanet, grow cauliflowers."

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Anonymous said...

He's obviously one.

Dane Valley Ted said...

I read the article,And although as a father I can understand what is
happening to those dads, Is it proper to use the language used therein.
we do not need to give ammunition to ex-partners.
They almost always win regardless of the reason for a break-up and this man may not help his or any future cases by reacting in this way.
As for critising Thanet.
You can only do that if you live here,As you are irish,go back there and see if they will put up with your moaning.
Thought not.
Do not drag us into your tawdry,sad and pathetic life,we do not need or accept your comment.

W Hodges said...

That's simply not true. Everyone knows it is cabbage island! Joking apart - this could shed some light on his wacky antics - driven by a chronic phobia of vegetables.

Mr Friday said...

I think one of the biggest cauliflowers that Thanet has produced is situated between his ears.

Anonymous said...

anon again!

I have noticed there are more fields of smelly rotting cauliflowers than decent roads in Thanet. Just goes to show how values differ here to the rest of the world. Maybe he's right !
He can't go back to Ireland, they grow spuds there!

a different point of view?