Sunday, July 09, 2006

Heir Apparent?

Remember that little bet I made several months back?

The Telegraph this morning seems to be on the same tracks:

“Tony Blair is hatching an extraordinary plot to replace John Prescott as Deputy Prime Minister with his "favourite son", David Miliband. The plan, being drawn up by loyal Blairites, will be brought into action if the beleaguered Mr Prescott is forced to resign over the next few weeks.”


Anonymous said...

anon again!

Sorry! David who?

James Maskell said...

David Miliband is a rising star in Labour. I predicted a while ago he would be the next Labour leader after Gordon Brown and I think Im right on it. Hes photogenic and is good at a podium. He is the leading figure in the next generation. Crudely put, he's Labour's Cameron...

Hes seen as an intellectual in the Party. Former No. 10 Policy Unit head, former Minister for school standards and former Cabinet Office Minister. Hes also been Local Government Minister. He was involved in writing Labour's 2005 manifesto. Went to Oxford.

Hes currently Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Secretary.