Thursday, July 20, 2006

Graffiti Plague Strikes Broadstairs

A one night graffiti spree in Broadstairs and St. Peter’s has left Council taxpayers with a bill of more than £1,200, less than 24 hours after Thanet Council’s graffiti hit squad cleaned both areas.

The spate included 14 sites in St. Peter’s, the seafront shelter opposite the lift on Broadstairs promenade, the Clocktower opposite Chandos Square and steps on the promenade. All were attacked between the early hours of Saturday morning and Sunday morning, after a hit squad was sent in on Friday to clear up graffiti from the previous weekend.

Some sites have now had graffiti sprayed on them three times in as many weeks and the estimated cost of graffiti removal since the start of the financial year is around £15,000.

Cllr. Roger Latchford, Cabinet Member for Commercial Services, said: “These vandals are costing us all a fortune. Leaving the graffiti is just not an option – it’s making the area look appalling and we are determined to restore pride in Thanet and make sure everyone remembers just how beautiful our area is. We can’t do that, while our buildings and surfaces are being attacked every week and covered in graffiti. We are doing everything that we can to catch these people, but we need the public’s help. If you see any graffiti being sprayed, then please call the police. It’s costing us all a fortune every year and we need to stop it.”


Anonymous said...

Get some more monitored CCTV, even on a tempory basis?

Maverick said...

£1,000.00 for information leading to the prosecution of... Worth a try TDC?

Anonymous said...

It was only recently that I spoke with two council employees who were busily scraping graffiti labels from lamp posts in Margate. Yes, since the lamp posts have been painted dark colours, the ferels have used white stick-on labels over which they then spray.

These two gentlemen were particularly disgruntled because (a) as soon as they cleaned the posts, the labels re-appeared within hours and (b) one of the ferels had actually been caught on CCTV, but a manager hidden away somwhere within the depths of TDC, had decided that it was too much trouble to prosecute.

Lets hope Sandy has told his staff what is expected of them. Some hope!!

Anonymous said...

anon again!

How about using anti-graffiti paint.
Ok, I know it costs more initially, but they use it a lot in Germany, and the Stadt Fuehrung
(Town Council) sleep better than Councillor Latchford.
Plus a graffiti-ist gets 2 years nick, no chance of review!

Snailspace said...

I think one of the sub species is called Burn.
But another jealous Oik who obviously hasn't learned to write yet seems to be going around after him and scrawling over the Tag