Sunday, July 02, 2006

Golden Sands

Thanet Coast Jul2- 2006 - Airads_09

No sign of the man in the pink suit today. I did look. More photos show that the beaches are packed. Some powerboat shots as well from Ramsgate. "Click" on the photos to see more.

Now comment moderation is switched-on, one of our "trolls" thinks it's only fair that I let him back into the site. I'm inclined to think otherwise.


Anonymous said...

I am enclined to agree with you. The gain for notoriety on your site is uncalled for.


Anonymous said...

The beaches look great. Glad the council is looking after our very best asset. I was at St. Mildreds Bay today and as I arrived saw a council cleaner handing out rubbish bags to people. My wife also saw you towing your stuff for Terrence Painter Homes...though I didn't as I had to go home to pick up my sun glasses she'd thrown out of the beach bag. Some wives!