Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Border Patrols Needed Says Roger

“The Country”, writes Thanet North MP, Roger Gale, needs "more than dockyard traffic wardens" if it is to get to grips with the problems of "porous borders.”

Challenging the Home Secretary following a ministerial statement on asylum and immigration the MP said:

"Those of us representing Kent coastal constituencies regard ourselves as in the front line of the effect of "porous borders". If the Home Secretary is going to convince not just the public but the professionals that he is going to create something rather more substantial that a team of dockyard traffic wardens then he is going to have to ensure that it is properly co-ordinated.  The British Transport police has the capability. Has he discussed with the Transport Secretary the possibility that the BTP will co-ordinate the policing of our frontiers and if not who is going to do it"?

"We are not just concerned about illegal immigration "said the MP after the statement "but about contraband, drugs, slave trading and people trafficking and the obvious threat from terrorism.  We don't just wasn’t a few new uniforms issued to a few people: this is a job that must be done immediately and it must be done properly by fully trained Frontier Police Officers with the right and adequate resources”


Anonymous said...

anon again!

That, my dear M.P. is like shutting the windows after all the angry Hornets have flown in!

These plans are getiing more like Nazi Germany every day!
Heil Blair!!!

Anonymous said...

The powers required of a border Police are well established between HM Revenue & Customs, HM Immigration, Police (County, Transport & in this area Dover Harbour Board Constabulary), and the Intelligence Services. Whilst these departments all work in unison to a degree the fact is they are all underfunded. When Ramsgate was staffed by Customs Officers it used to have it's own Coastal Patrol Officers who built up relations with fishermen, boat keepers, Harbour Board officials. Even that is gone and the Custom House was sold off to be filled with junk by the Harbour Board. It is no secret that small ports do not have pernament cover as they are fed by mobile customs crews. To a degree this makes sense in an intel led environment but doesn't address prevention so well offered by a pernament presence. Where is the extra money coming from for this diluted Frontier Police Force? I wouldn't even describe it as thus, all it is is taking the same Immigration officials who will man it and putting them in a uniform. Am I wrong???

Anonymous said...

I can understand your average MP talking a load of nonsense about the ports but Roger actually lives in the area and he ought to know better that the control authorities are already there and just under resourced. Come on Roger - wake up !