Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Big News Ramsgate

Thanet Extra reports that an arthritic cat had to be rescued after clambering onto the roof of its family home in Ramsgate.

When its owner used sets of ladders to climb onto a first floor balcony and then the roof to rescue it, he became stuck too.

Firefighters found the pair perched on the top of the house in Adelaide Gardens, Ramsgate, at around 10pm on Monday night

One of the team involved in the rescue said: "The man’s wife rang us when he became stuck on the roof while trying to rescue their cat that has arthritis and could not jump down.

"We were happy to help. We rescued the cat first and then assisted the man down the ladders to safety


Lucy Mail said...

You would have been more than welcome to borrow my Dogkey, Barking Flea Nibbler.
That sort of thing is right up his alley!

tony flaig said...

Big news what? didn't know you did original did cat stories