Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Beware of the Dog

Its ironic how one group of people religiously clean up after their dogs on the beach and a second group of pet owners don’t.  The council appears intent on clamping down on canine crime in this release:

One of Thanet Council's watchdog bodies has been looking at how the Council deals with problems caused by dogs.   The Finance, Best Value and Performance Review Panel heard last night (Tuesday 4 July) that last year the Council dealt with more than 700 cases involving problems with dogs.

The biggest two areas were noise nuisance and stray dogs, which are picked up by the Council's team of Community Safety Wardens and are returned to their owners, if they can be identified. The owner will be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice of £25 if this happens. If the owner cannot be found, the dog will be taken to kennels.  

Other issues tackled by the Council include dog fouling, with the Community Safety Wardens issuing 17 Fixed Penalty Notices in the last financial year. This will become a major focus as part of the Thanet is Beautiful campaign, which is due to be launched later this month (July).  

Most of these cases are dealt with, in the first instance, by the Council's Community Safety Wardens, with support from Environmental Health Officers, if abatement notices and prosecution is necessary.   Cllr. Jill Kirby, Chairman of the Finance, Best Value and Performance Review Panel, said: "We know from the feedback from the Community Matters panel, made up of local residents, that many people have experienced problems with issues like dog fouling and that they want us to take strong action on this subject.

This Panel is here to look at the way services are provided and how they are performing and make suggestions for future improvements. Because problems with dogs are a major concern to local people, we want to ensure that our residents are getting the most effective service possible."


Dane Valley Ted said...

17 Fixed Penalty Notices in the last financial year is pathetic. Considering that the footpath alongside the allotments between the King Edward pub and Drapers mills school is fouled everyday,And not only do they not pick it up,those that do bag it, just drop it anyway.
It is known locally as dog shit alley so that about sums it up.

Perhaps what we need is a return to a dog licence and a database
of the DNA of all dogs.
Then if people allow dogs to foul,
They can be hit with a big fine that will not only cover the testing,but also the cost of cleaning as well.

Anonymous said...

My understanding is that excretement does not contain any DNA.

Dane Valley Ted said...

It can be done look at these sites[1].