Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Another Local Sniper

We have yet another Ramsgate “sniper”, with a Thanet Extra report that a man has been shot in the head with an air-rifle pellet.

Gary Milton, 53, was at home when he was struck on the temple by the pellet, believed to have been fired from a rifle.

Gary said: "An inch lower and it would have been my eye. I can’t believe it. I was sitting there having my dinner and I’m shot by some punk kid."

He was left with a small hole in his temple and blood running down his face.

Gary and his family were eating at their home in Vine Close, Ramsgate, at 6.30pm on Saturday, when the incident happened.

The houses back onto fields where police told Gary the farmer had given permission to a group of youths to go shooting.

Gary added: "There’s no way that it was an accident."

Police confirmed they spoke to a group of youths who were shooting in a nearby field with permission.


worm said...

They "spoke" to them!??
They didn't grab their guns, break them in two and give them a good slap then.

Anonymous said...

anon again!

I thought ALL people with guns had to have some kind of Licence!
Who was the shooter?
Did he have a Licence?
Shooting Animals is next to shooting Humans, both disgusting and an outrage.
Who are these youths, that once again seem to have found a loophole to get away with a serious crime!
Just a few thoughts that entered my questioning mind about life in Thanet.

DrMoores said...

air rifles don't count. You can snipe with impunity as long as it's an accident!