Saturday, July 01, 2006

All Stop at Westbrook

One of our readers (anonymous) came across this accident this evening, which closed Westbrook Seafront. If you have news and pictures you would like to send in, then it's all welcomed.


Old Codger said...

How does one roll a modern vehicle on a reasonable surface on a straight stretch of road doing a maximum of 30mph. I hope no-one was seriously hurt.

Chris. said...

Old Codger

I don't think you can... so it suggests the vehicle was going a tad faster and was hit bu a gust of the legendary Thanet wind.

Looks like it had an open top as well the Cloth roof appears to have been folded back.

Anonymous said...

anon again!

I think you have to be 'STUPID' to do that, and hey, this IS Thanet!

Anonymous said...

Did he skid on all the mud being left by the developers of the Sea Bathing Hospital? It has been very bad this last week. How come Thanet Council didn't insist they clear up the muck? normally developers have machines to clear up after a lorry has left the site or at least they have workers sweeping up after the lorries. Don't forget this is an offence.
Perhaps the driver will have a claim against the developers if it can be proved they were responsible.