Wednesday, July 05, 2006

93 and Mugged - Only in Margate

A 93-year-old woman suffered a broken leg and cuts to her head and a finger today as she was robbed of her handbag in the street.

The woman was taken to hospital after the incident which happened at about 2pm in College Road, Margate.

Police say members of the public chased a man to an address in Margate. A 31-year-old suspect was later assisting detectives with their enquiries at Margate Police Station.

Police say the handbag has been recovered.

Anyone who witnessed the incident is asked to contact Det Sgt Claire Munday at Margate police station on 01843 222192. (ref 05-0716/0714).


Anonymous said...

Well the upshot is it's not only in Margate and the reason to look on it positively (if that's the right way of saying it) is it was Margate people who chased the guy and whose efforts secured the handbag and an arrest. That dude must be a real thicko too (as well as a scum bag) running back to his house!

Anonymous said...

anon again!

The very thought of this sort of thing going on right under our very noses annoys and disgusts me. Now they have the swine, keep him, and throw away the key.
Thanet will be a safer place to live in.
Sad to think that there are many more out there, who will stoop to such astonishing violence, to get their next 'fix' or 'buy the next pint'

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately in Blair's England the justice system will probably do no more than impose a fine which will never be paid, a community service order which the criminal will never carry out or a jail sentence which will not be served in full if at all because we don't have enough jails.

Anyway its the old lady's fault for going out on the street with a handbag, and the criminal is not at fault, he came from a broken home.( I do not really mean this!)

Never mind its an opportunity for the rest of us to pay an expensive barrister to defend him under the legal aid system.

Anyway - kudos to Thanet's Finest for making an arrest, even though they had the help of the public. Last time I gave them the name and address etc of a criminal it took them 2 weeks and constant prompting before they had 2 officers available to arrest him.
They wouldn't do it after 10pm at night as it might have infringed his Human Rights.

Meanwhile he committed numerous repeat offences.


They were serious, believe it or not.

Its hard to take Thanet Police seriously.

stuart said...

Disgusting behaviour although I'm pretty sure your headline isn't correct - such crimes happen all over this country, not just in Margate.

DrMoores said...

You may be right.. does anyone know of a similar mugging in Britain where the victim was older than 93 or does Margate now hold an unenviable place in the record books?

worm said...

Here's one:

Dorset I believe.

I'm sure I could find more...but it's too depressing.

Anonymous said...

As I understand it it wasn't a Police arrest but a Citizen's Arrest. The Police will make their own formal arrest once they arrive. Too often we are told not to take the law into our own hand via vigalante squads...and rightly so, however you legally can by way of Citizen's Arrest. Quite good advice can be found here:

onelosthousemate said...

Just found out one of the people who helped the lady, and chased down the man is a very good friend of mine, and i'm very proud of him.