Thursday, June 01, 2006

Working the System

An interesting ‘expose’ in The Times today.

Staff in Jobcentres have been told that they have a duty to issue an NI number even if they realise that the applicant has forged documents and no legal right to work, official papers seen by The Times reveal. The paper comments:

“The disclosure will cause another headache for John Reid, the Home Secretary, because it highlights yet another area of the immigration system that officials described yesterday as “not fit for purpose”.

Ed: Like many other people out there, I’m starting to wonder what the point is of having any rules and regulations governing life in our society, as they are only vigorously enforced against the generally law-abiding, - e.g. speeding, poll tax etc - and broadly ignored where other groups are concerned – ASBO’s, immigration and much much more.

There are 10,000 cases a week of cars with stolen plates driving away from petrol stations without paying after filling their tanks. Car cloning is a particular problem in London, where drivers with stolen plates can avoid £50 penalties for not paying the congestion charge.

Finally today, have you read about the postman who drove 35 miles to dump his mail because he could not read the addresses on the envelopes. Not being able to read does not apparently bar one from a job at Royal Mail.


Anonymous said...

I was interested to see a report about how the police are "cracking down" on number plate cloning. They may catch some, but there must be thousands who are avoiding tax and insurance. So long as they don't drive away from petrol stations etc. they are unlikely to ever be apprehended. In any case even if they were what would happen? The prisons are full up according to our loopy judges.

As you rightly say the only people being persecuted are the law abiding. We are the schmucks that fork out every month for the low lifes in our midst who don't wish to play by the rules.

As for the issuing of NI numbers. It is a case of passing the buck. There are more NINO's in circulation than there are people so obviously something is wrong but no one wants to own up and take responsibility. Though I was interested to see that the National Audit Office is now reporting stats on how many "asylum seekers" have been making fraudulent benefit claims. I doubt this will get much coverage though. Too much other bad news to bury it under!

Anonymous said...

From the Cynical Snob
Did you read in the Times Wednesday May 31st. Whitehall ditches Royal Mail in favour of cheaper private rivals.

Government departments are being told to stop sending letters Via Royal Mail because it does not offer value for money. They are also urging local councils to consider using one of the eight private sector suppliers.

The stupidity of this is that it will not only help the demise of the Royal Mail but it will help the private sector companies to make a greater profit.This in the end will allow the private sector companies to increase charges to companies and private individuals should they decide to enter this market.

At present large postal user companies are approached by private sector companies to move to them. These large companies are offered a discount. The private sector postal companies approach Royal Mail to handle their post and negotiate a large discount, obveriously greater than the discount they offer to their customers. This is the same tactic used by large junk mail senders. How stupid can this be surely someone at Royal Mail can see this? If the companies need to get the post out they will pay the going rate, or are the privale individual users subsidising the large companies?

The Royal Mail is making a profit but not as large as they would like. A solution would be to charge for returned mail, this charge being made to the original sender. This would ultimately help the end of the junk mail problem. Any un-solicited mail I receive I write on the front of the envelope 'Return to sender un-solicited post'On the reverse I write 'under the data protection act 1984 & ammendments Please remove the named person and address from all files this being in electronic and paper form' This usually stops 75% of the repeat junk mail, after the 2nd letter from the same company I write the same message and advise that if they continue to send me un-solicited mail I will report them to the ombudsman. This latter one usually works Of course this would also help the post people who cannot read and deter people who like to steal the post.

Old Codger said...

Had to get a plate for a trailer; vehicle docs; driving licence and recent bill all required by me the law abiding citizen. The hoods can knock them up without any problem, the technology is hardly rocket science. So yet again, silly legislation from this Govt impinges on innocent law abiding citizens. When too many of our fellow citizens disregard the law then we need police officers by the thousands and a system of penalties that hurt the offender with the prison capacity to deal with persistant anti-social low-level criminals. I would like to see the police crawling over car parks; setting up road blocks and not just relying on their clever camera system. The cloned car is the instant solution the hoods have to get round the problem; any one cloning my car will always come-up with a clean check and will be virtually indetectable unless stopped by, YES, a policeman. Unless there is a high risk of being caught and a severe penalty when you are, avoiding insurance and car tax can save you upto a thousand pounds a year. At the moment it makes economic sense to pay your fines if and when caught.

Mr Friday said...

Dr Moores. You may be more influential than you think.

News report this afternoon:

BBC news reports this afternoon that the DWP has issued a statement in which it says -

'The National Insurance system was set up in 1948. Times have obviously changed since then ...

Having reviewed this issue, ministers have decided to change the law as soon as possible, so that people who have no right to live or work in the country are not given a national insurance number.'

Anonymous said...

This particular anomaly was brought to Ministers' attentions 6 years ago according to latest news reports. Just another example of poor Governance by a Govt that continues to be exposed as totally 'unfit for purpose'. Joined up Government is what we want not silly eye catching gestures and initiatives. As a supporter of Blair in the late 90s I feel let down at the utter incompetence of it all. The dangers of making sure the PR spin will get you a 2nd or 3rd term without the substance of running the country for us all properly is now clear to all political parties.

Anonymous said...

Would the last law-abiding person to leave the country please turn off the lights.