Friday, June 30, 2006

Wave for the Camera

Lots of children waving for the flypast at Newington junior school in Ramsgate today to celebrate the mini-World Cup competition. I've lots more photos and some interesting shots of the seafront that you can find by following this link.

You'll have to go to the last page of the photoset as they are in date order.

Thanet is looking exceptionally tidy from the air without a doubt but Margate beach strikes me as little more crowded than Westgate or Westbrook!

With the weather so good today, there are some really clear photos of the beaches and bays that you can download and share. I see the circus is back in town on the Haine road as well.


Little Weed said...

I like your phots but there seem to be very few of the villages, St Nicholas, Monkton, Acol, Manston & Minster and i guess that you must fly over them a lot on your take off and landing approach. Any chance of a few more.

DrMoores said...

There are some photos of Manston but the one's you mention are on the direct approach into the Manston runway and it's difficult for me to get in there without a good reason as the airport is quite protective of its airspace. In other words, I would if I could so to speak!