Friday, June 23, 2006

Trapped in Thanet

To add to this morning’s traffic nightmare, a lorry carrying chemical gas overturned on the Monkton roundabout on the A299 early today bringing gridlock to Thanet.

Because of the nature of the gas, all roads leading to the site were closed. The Thanet Way is shut at the St Nicholas at Wade junction and the A253 is closed at the Prospect Inn junction with traffic being diverted via Acol.

Kent Online reports that gridlock is still the ongoing situation on the Isle, with the roads into Margate via Birchington jammed solid and the roads around Minster and Monkton slow moving. The roads through the villages at the centre of the Isle are also jammed with drivers trying to get round the chaos.

At 9.30am the queue stretched back up the Thanet Way beyond the Roman Galley - a distance of some two miles - and the situation remained chronic with drivers being warned to avoid the area altogether until this afternoon at the earliest.

Meanwhile, Canterbury road in Westgate is another nightmare. I couldn’t actually take my daughter to school by car this morning as the Minster road is blocked of with road laying equipment and the detour will take you around Garlinge in one direction. To add to the joy, there are single alternate traffic lights opposite the Nayland Rock Hotel and of course, along Westgate Bay Avenue in Westgate. My advice, stay at home, find a bicycle or simply walk.


Anonymous said...

anon again!

Black day for Thanet... (TDC take note please!)
Shottendane Road. Dual carriage way from top or bottom of Brookesend Hill to Westwood Cross. Thus byepassing Birchington, Westgate, Margate, and losing a few cauliflowers. Roundabout turn off's to each town section.
Do it, don't think about it!

Little Weed said...

Wow! thats a bit extreme and a lot of cabbages

Gavin Coles said...

It would also help if at the same time as the Canterbury road at Westgate is being overhauled they didn't start repairs on Westgate Bay Avenue at the junction of Sea Road and Roxburgh Road. Westgate Bay Avenue is; I would have thought; an obvious fall back route if the dual carriage way is backlogged. A case of PPP. There again who would think of starting works before one of the busiest weekends of the year and right at the start of the summer season? The other option of course is to use Shottendene Road; which with its merrily undulating narrow pothold and crumbling surface is always a great pleasure to drive down. As long as you have a very perverse sense of pleasure that is.

As for creating a bypass along Shottendane Road I and others have privately been saying this for years. Maybe it is time to be a little more public in voicing our ideas. As for a 'bit extreme'. Definitely not; the amount of traffic flowing throught Birchington is out of all proportion to the designed capacity of the road that runs through it. Long term a 'bypass' would provide less congestion, less polution (the area around The Sqaure failed Government set polution levels last year) and a safer environment for suicidal pedestrians. I'm sure that some Birchington residents and traders will say that this will lead to a drop in trade; which I personally feel wouldn't be the case. People driving through The Square are generally on their way somewhere else and are thus highly unlikely to stop.

Anonymous said...

anon again!

Yes, it's the only unbuilt undeveloped stretch of ground that is feasible with practically nothing in the way!
Silly to think that the other day people were flying to Spain quicker than me driving from Margate to Canterbury...
for mercy's sake, do it NOW!