Sunday, June 04, 2006

Thai House Evening

I had heard such good reports of the Thai House restaurant in Birchington village square, that last night, I took my wife along for a meal there. We weren’t disappointed.

Good food at a good price isn’t always that easy to find in Thanet and like most of us living here, I have my favourites, a handful of restaurants that I’ll use in rotation. The Thai House is now very firmly at the top of the list, with its most expensive, £19.00, set menu, which is varied, appetising and more than enough, even for a fussy eater like me.

I’m not sure it’s large enough to take a sudden rush of new diners that a little publicity may bring, Michael Winner popping in perhaps for a Sunday Times review but if you like excellent oriental cuisine and a friendly atmosphere, right in the middle of a location which hasn’t had the best of press recently, then give it a try.

Not a single “hoodie” in sight opposite the Powell Arms in Birchington last night. I wonder where they’ve all gone but long may it remain so. Up to mischief somewhere else I expect.


Anonymous said...

There is another Asian all you care to eat restaurant at the bottom end of Northdown Rd Cliftonville opposite Aldi supermarket which is pretty good, about £13 per head.
At similar cost is another called Fortune House at the top of Northdown Rd opposite the petrol station, not so good food and very frequent changes of staff so service is a bit spotty. never busy enough to survive so I don't think its going to be there long term. Operates without a liquor licence although they seem to have bottles behind the counter.Used to be called the Dragons Lair.

Best Thai for me round here is Da's in Broadstairs, on the left past the train station. However its usually booked up and you can bring your own booze. Good food, and reasonable price, owned by Da, the Thai wife of the late Ken Purser who was well known in Margate.

I remember the Mad Chefs Bistro in Broadstairs near the harbour, a good laugh and excellent food, Mad Chef himself often quite drunk. Its a shame he died and the restaurant closed. Tartar Frigate more or less next door is unfortunately a disaster in my opinion.Poor service and very ordinary food. I would never go there on a special occasion.

Anonymous said...

I don't know, whenever I put a comment on here no one posts after me.
Is it that no one is interested or are my comments real thread stoppers?

James Maskell said...

It wasnt a thread stopper. I think we were just a little distracted on other threads.

Ive also heard the place opposite Aldi's is good. Havent been there but do hear good reviews.