Monday, June 26, 2006

A Swing to the Right

Thanet receives a mention in The Guardian and The Times, this morning, with a report that: "Boundary changes will make it much more difficult for Labour to win an overall majority in the next General election."

The report concludes: "Based on ward-by-ward analysis of voting patterns in 2005, seats which are likely to switch from Labour to Conservative because of the changes also include Finchley and Golders Green, Medway, Thanet South and Wirral West."


Cllr David Green said...

It doesnt take a genius to predict that given the addition of Cliftonville East and West to the already marginal South Thanet, then the next election will be tight.
However, by then we'll have Gordon Brown as PM and the media will be exposing the splits between unreconstructed Tories like Roger Gale and David Cameron. That is assuming any real policies do emerge. Certainly the message hasnt reach the Tories at KCC yet!

Mr Friday said...

"However, by then we'll have Gordon Brown as PM"

Yes, with his fantastic record of (stealth) taxing everything that moves and the overwhelming success of the Tax Credits system there is plenty to look forward to (if you are a Conservative voter)

Anonymous said...

Has anyone got a map of the new boundaries? Cliftonville East and West are to the N of Dane Valley; does that mean Dane Valley is Thanet North still?

James Maskell said...

Dane Valley will stay in North Thanet. Only Cliftonville West and East will move to the South.

Where is the split, Dave? Its news to me.

This Government is quickly becoming the Tories during Major. Its hardly a secret that the party is plotting against itself in the fight for the future direction of the Party. Will Trident's replacement be the Labour Party's version of Maastrict?

Cllr David Green said...

You should know better than most James as you said you left the party because of the "swing to the left". Have you been persuaded that self interest dictates standing on a party platform?

In reply to "Mr Friday" there are plenty of "stealth tax cuts too" and they benefit ordinary folk,and business, not the idle rich.
1. Cutting VAT on domestic fuel (electicity and gas) from 8% in 1997 to 5% now.
2. Cutting basic income tax from 23% in 1997 to 22%.
3. Introduction of the 10p starting rate of tax (lowest starting rate since 1962) for £2150 of earnings above the personal allowance.
4. Cutting large company corporation tax from 33% to 30%
5. Cutting small business corporation tax from 23% to 19%
6. Capital gain tax for long term business assets cut from 40% to 10%
7. Stamp Duty threshold raised from £60,000 in 1997 to £125,000 now
8. Vehicle excise duty for 38 tonne and 41 tonne lorries cut by 500 pounds; the 40 tonne class lorries rate cut by 1,800 pounds; for all other heavy lorries rates frozen. (2000 budget)
9. Abolition of the 2% employee N.I. "entry fee" payable on earnings from £0 - LEL,when earnings crossed the lower earnings limit.
10. Abolition of the 3% employer N.I. "entry fee" payable on earnings from £0 - LEL, when earnings crossed the lower earnings limit.
11. Abolition of the "stepped" employer N.I. rates, saving companies administration hassles.
12. Alignment of the LEL with the Income tax personal allowance. This involved increasing the LEL sharply from £64 per week in 1998 to £87 in 2001 and £97 per week today, which means the exempt threshold has increased by 51% since 1998 (or at a
rate of 5.33% per annum, considerably faster than the rate of inflation).
13. Class 2 flat rate of self-employed N.I. reduced from £6.55 to £2.10 per week. 14. Freeze on duty on spirits since 1997.
15. Employee shareholders capital gains tax cut to 10%
16. Business investors in new and unquoted companies who invest between 5% and 25% have capital gains tax cut to 10% on investments above 5% held for four or more years 17. For small and medium companies, the 40% capital allowances are made permanent
18. Research and development tax relief introduced for business
19. Tax relief for intellectual property and goodwill introduced (2001 budget)
20. Abolition of withholding tax on payments of interest and royalties between companies in the UK.
21. Abolition of withholding tax on interest paid on international bonds
22. Working families tax credit introduced
23. Child tax credit introduced and extended for families who earn £58,000 and below 24. Introduction of stakeholder pensions which for the first time are available to the unwaged, giving then a tax-free savings vehicle where a contribution up to £2808 also attracts tax relief of 22%.
25. For businesses with turnover of up to £58,000, VAT is not charged at all.
26. To bring disused properties back into use, VAT on residential property conversions cut from 17.5% to 5%
27. For cleaning up contaminated land, an accelerated tax relief, set at 150%
28. To help revitalise high streets, government provided 150% first year capital allowances for bringing empty flats over shops back into the residential market.
29. For churchs, for repairs started after April 1st 2001, a new grant, the equivalent of a VAT reduction from 17.5% to 5%. This was further abolished to 0% in the 2004 budget.
30. Vehicle excise duty abolished for tractors
31. Betting duty abolished for pools.
32. Exemption for companies from corporation tax on the gains from the
sale of substantial shareholdings. (2002 budget)
33. Automatic entitlement for business to reclaim VAT on bad debts after six months,
introduced for the first time.
34. Betting duty abolished for bingo players
35. A 20p per litre reduction in fuel-duty for bio-ethanol
36. A 20p per litre reduction in fuel-duty for bio-diesal
37. Fuel-duty frozen for petrol and diesal since 2003.
38. Halving of beer duty for pubs that brew their own beer
39. People with disabilities who got back to work entitled to tax credit
40. Child-care tax-credit introduced for people who place their children in nurseries 41. Vehicle excise duty cut to £0 for cars emitting less than 100 CO2 g/km (saving of £65), cut to £40 for cars emitting between 101-120 CO2 g/km (saving of £35) and cut to £100 for cars emitting 121-150 CO2 g/km (saving of £5).

Mr Friday said...

I would go through the list and reply but, to be honest, if one of the best things Labour can highlight to form part of their legacy is
"Betting duty abolished for bingo players" then it deserves only a brief response.

I ask you David - "Is this country a better place to live in now than before 1997 ?". That is all I am interested in and the answer is an emphatic "no".

PS - I think Tax Credits should only count as one - you have listed them three times. You must have been listening too much to Gordon Brown.

On a positive point though thanks for the response. It does show that this website is taken seriously by the powers that be.

James Maskell said...

Since you were so kind as to quote me, please state where and when I said that a "swing to the left" was the reason for my leaving the Conservative Party. Or are you trying to paint me as an unprincipled right winger in an attempt to make me look bad? Im a right winger, its true. Im not ashamed to admit that. As for your comment about self interest, its not worth a response.

Im sure in your pack of Labour facts it will say how many stealth tax increases there have been since 1997. Would you please say how many, and perhaps list them in the manner you did above? A list of Quangos abolished and created since 1997 would be nice too.

Perhaps you would like to explain why by 2009, Britain will be taxed harder than Germany, an historical first?

Anonymous said...

Your politics make you look bad, Mr Maskell; you need no help from Councillor Green.

Your unthinking defence of everything that spews out of the tawdry Tory bunch who currently purport to run Thanet, and your defence of, and support for, a party that ran this country into the ground economically, turned the police and secret service on its own people, and saw so many of its leading members (including its Prime Minister) with their hand in the till or in some compromising place sexually is what makes you look bad. Whatever ills the labour Government, a return to the crooked years of Toryism is a terrifying prospect.

Assuming you are still a Tory this week?

Cllr David Green said...

My apologies James, I was trying to connect with the thread's header. What you actually said was "About the comment that this is a front for the Conservatives, I have recently left the Party in protest at changes made since December"
What was it that you objected to?

James Maskell said...

How do my politics make me look bad? I get a label for being in a political party that hasnt been in power for 9 years and with no connection to those who gave it a bad reputation? I fail to see the logic. I look bad because I believe that people, not the State should spend the money earned by them? I look bad because I believe in less government interference?

I objected to the A-List and to some changes in Conservative policy.

James Maskell said...

Thank you Doreen. Thatchers a controversial character and some are going to love her and some are going to hate her. I am not a lover (sorry to disappoint Jonathan Ross!) but I think she had to do what she had to do, though of course the consequences were initially hardship for hundreds of thousands. Hard decisions to make, decisions I couldnt have made.

In terms of sports, I would love nothing more than for Chess to be granted sport status and given more funding to get some really good players through (players like Conquest, Pert, Wells and Houska) to carry the torch currently being carried by Nigel Short and Michael Adams. Full sports get huge sums of funding while Chess gets relatively speaking pittance.

Thanet will be hosting a British Chess Championship qualifier later on this year, a first. Its to be held at the University Campus. Its going to be a big event.

Mr Friday said...

Just think Doreen. If you are short of a few quid, just wait until the next election looms and Labour will send you a pre-election bribe/payment to help you pay your Council Tax.

Actually, I didn't see that in your list David. Is that because there was no need to pay it again post-election as the pensioners fell for it ?

Anonymous said...

Just remember, Mr Wells, that your former Prime Minister and his colleagues were promoting "Back to Basics", a moral crusade for us (seen as the great unwashed) when all the time he was covering up the fact that he had had an extra-marital affair with a Parliamentary Colleague. He has since been given, and accepted, a chivalry award (Garter)!!!

Just remember that Tories ended up in prison for their lies and cheating, yet were defended to the very end by their colleagues, including the "unreconstructed" Gale who stood by his friend Aitken even after he was banged up.

Just remember that when your Party was running its war on single families, how many others, apart from Cecil Parkinson, were having sex "on the side" and siring illegitmate children?

Have things changed? No. You now have Cameron trying to appear more progressive, modern and inclusive, saying that the war on single families is over and trying to appeal to the gay vote. But all the time old dinsoaurs like Gale, with their ultra right-wing social views, their homophobia, and their bigotry, survive, the same old Toryism will prevail.

The Labour Government have made mistakes, but do not put them in the same league as your Party. When it comes to deceit, lies, moral and social (and finacial) corruption, the Tory party is in a class of its own.
Just remember

stuart said...

This thread started with discussion about local elections. When we have local elections next year I will use my vote with local issues in mind.

Bye Sandy x

Maverick said...

Now we're back to being serious, its good to see Chris facing up to the past ills of the Conservative Party, and yes he's right. The current Government are no better that the likes of Aitken and Co. Let us all hope that lessons have been learnt. I think I owe James an apology from when I referred to, "his lot" on a previous thread about Labour Cllr Young, and his "unusual" voting on a ridiculous planning application in the Salmstone Ward. If granted as was the stated wish of Cllr Young, it would have been particularly lucrative for the applicant. I was totally unaware at that time, that the Conservative party in South Thanet on the other hand, had selected a retired Police Officer for a Broadstairs seat, and not just any old police officer, but a trusted and well respected previous member of the Fraud Squad. Things are definately looking up for the Tories. I am amazed and might even join myself.

Doreen Potts (Mrs) said...

Stuart, stop it! I like Mr Beelzebub, he looks so friendly in his pictures. Mind,I wouldn't show them to my four year old great-niece in case they start off her epilepsy again.

And you're all being far too serious and political again. Mr Wells, calm down! You know that there are lots of rather naughty things that your Party (it is the Tory Party, isn't it?) have done and they are no better than Mr Blair's crowd. Now admit it and then you can go to bed with a warm glow. Personally I prefer Ovaltine, but that's enough intimacy for one night.

James Maskell said...

The same old Toryism is funnilly enough exactly what the public calls for! The public wants tough immigration and law and order policies. They want Britain to be tough with the EU so that we are not controlled by it. They want less government intervention. Of course there should be a softer line with some things but on the key bread and butter issues, the country is small c conservative.

Maverick, no need to apologise. Just one clarification about that meeting. Cllr Young did not vote at the meeting as he is not on the Committee. He did however speak as Ward Councillor. I think he just found the lure of ecological housing too tempting and forgot the planning objections surrounding the application.

I cant agree with 10:14 that Roger Gale is an ultra right winger. How is he an ultra right winger?

Doreen Potts (Mrs) said...

James, you ask too many questions, and you shouldn't be up so late. I hope that you don't work in one of the shops that I frequent, because quite frankly if I come in tomorrow (I shall be shopping with one of my friends from the day centre) and see a heavy-lidded young man I shan't be able to face my hot bovril and coconut macaroon at the Salvation Army coffee morning. (It's actually the soup kitchen but before evening they put some lovely patterned serviettes out and make it look quite posh.)

So off to bed with you, and Mr Wells (I have to call him Mr because he's had an election - oh dear another near miss with my spelling). Of course I don't mean the same bed. Oh, I've gone all red now with embarrassment. Night pet.

Doreen Potts fan said...

Dear Mrs Potts, I have not laughed so much for a long time on this site! You are writing some excellent material, although I am getting some Dame Edna resonances! Keep it up my dear in every respect!

A Doreen Potts fan.

Doreen Potts (Mrs) said...

Oh what lovely things you've said, duck. I just speak as I find. Now as for your resonances, I've always sworn by Germoloids ointment. I don't hold with these sprays and the like. The only solution - and I know it's a rather private subject (I'm blushing just writing this) - is to slap on the ointment quite freely. And don't be ashamed. It's a condition that can strike anyone at any age.

Personally, I find Dame Edna a little coarse, but then she is Australian. My late husband wouldn't believe it was a man dressed up. I'm just glad he passed over before that Lily Savage came along; poor love would've been so confused.

Ooh, I do hope young James has had a good night's sleep. I worry about that boy.

James Maskell said...

I did sleep well apart the shouting matches between members of the local chav population outside, building up to the typical "Ill sort 'im aht" declaration. Hardly original...