Monday, June 19, 2006

Stay in Shape

You may be interested or wish to comment on the latest report on the authority’s progress over the last few months, given to council cabinet members in a meeting last week.

In a report presented to them last Thursday, called “Shaping Thanet Together”, they heard that Thanet is progressing faster than the other two Councils in Kent, who were rated as ‘weak’ in the 2004 Comprehensive Performance Assessment by the Audit Commission. The report also sets out the Council’s priorities for the next year, following on from the residents’ survey carried out in late 2005. These include:
  • Improving satisfaction levels with the street cleaning, waste and recycling services by taking them back in house.

  • Addressing the lack of facilities for young people.

  • Developing plans to improve the area’s leisure facilities.

  • Reducing anti-social behaviour by using the Council’s enforcement powers.

Cllr. Martin Wise, Cabinet Member for Improvement and Performance, said: “This report shows that the Council has achieved a great deal since the last CPA inspection in 2004, but while we are making steady progress, we still have areas to improve on. In particular, we know that there are still some areas where we must improve the services that we are providing to our customers. That’s why we’re focusing on a number of key areas that matter to our residents.” These, said Cllr Wise, “include improving the cleanliness of our streets and the waste collection and recycling services, which residents have told us is a top priority. We also want to provide the best possible service for those submitting planning applications or applying for benefits. If we can improve in these areas, then it will make a real difference to the people who use those services. The Council has already been praised in our CPA progress report for having a better focus on our customers. Now we need to deliver the best possible service we can to those customers in everything we do.”


councilobserver said...

Why they continue to let Goddenbride get away with their dirty tricks on the Dreamland site I will always rate TDC as poor.

Why are they not enforcing the sign replacement on the Dreamland finn?

Why have they not questioned why the 'Dreamland Fun Park - This way' signs have been painted over?

Why don't they try for compulsory purchase?

Why did they choose Option C?

Unless TDC show some commitment to this issue before the next election I know where my vote is going.

Anonymous said...

While we're considering Acts of Godden, how about the gambling machine shop in the High Street that was refused planning permission and then.....ooooh...surprise...GIVEN permission!

Anonymous said...

Think 3;14 you will have to blame that nice Mr Prescott for that one,

James Maskell said...

Why don't they try for compulsory purchase?

Ive asked before, but had no response from anyone reading this weblog, how much would it cost to do that? I would guess its not cheap...

Why did they choose Option C?

This questions been answered before. The option argues that the priority should be that it should be a theme park, but that if its not viable (and tests are being sorted out now), then its only reasonable that other uses of the site be found, subject to certain conditions, which you can see in the wording.

The alternative was to have an all or nothing option where if proposed development wasnt for a theme park, then it should be resisted strongly. I feel thats taking too hard a line and would deter potential investors. Margate needs a strong development on that site. I would prefer a theme park, as I suspect most would. But its unrealistic to basically stop any other uses for the site, if its proved that a theme park isnt viable.

Anonymous said...

james, good to see you pumping out the Tory Group dirge at the wake of Dreamland. It is already clear from pictures on this site what an apology for a funfair Dreamland is this year and that Mr Webb is doing a good job of demonstrating on behalf of Waterbridge how not to run a funfair. The Inspector warned TDC that even hinting at allowing other development on this site would double its value and put it beyond compulsory purchase. So what did TDC Tories do despite the Labour Group urging them not to and 90% of citizens who were canvassed urging them not to do, they accepted Option C to allow alternative development. SO THANKYOU TDC Tories for making J Goddens 40% stake in Dreamland double in value overnight whilst Margate dies. Do you not have a duty to represent the interests of your electorate rather than of one man, Mr J Godden?

stuart said...

James - just mentioning that it could be used for anything other than an amusement park has massively inflated the value of the site.

now you have a development company just passing the time until everyone is fed up of the site looking the way it is and caves in.

but you already knew that.

what i just cant work out is what is in it for the council. why go against such emotive public opinion when there is a clear alternative.

on the topic of viability i believe there is no less than 3 established companies (not developers) that want the site at the moment. the council know this they met with one of them last week. what other test can you carry out without major investment.

the sooner this council gets out of bed with the MTCRC the sooner it will earn back the respect of its electorate.

James Maskell said...

"james, good to see you pumping out the Tory Group dirge at the wake of Dreamland"

Ive not spoken to a single Councillor about Dreamland, let alone the Conservative Group. When I post on this site, its as me, not as a Tory. I sat down with the report when the decision was made about which option to choose and I think the right choice was made, separate from my connection to the Conservatives. The alternative choice would have left Dreamland empty permanently.

stuart said...

James - I disagree with your statement that the other option would have left Dreamland empty.

Surely choosing the other option would have shown the developers that they aren't going to make a killing out of this site and then they would sell it on to one of the interested operators.

Then, should Waterbridge have left the site empty and derelict TDC would have a strong case for compulsory purchase.

I hate the way this is all so political now - with the two parties all voting with their pals against the other party, without giving a flying f*** about the good of the town.

Everyone can see what should be happening here but Sandy, Jimmy and Toby's boys club seems to be doing what they like.

Dane Valley Ted said...

I would imagine that most people in Thanet do not know or understand what happens behind the scenes,
What we need to see is something solid being done,not promises or bluster about what will or could be.
Dreamland has been left to rot.
Turner will be a drain on already limited resources and Manston is so mired in rules that it is a wonder any business would want to go there.
Work together and make Thanet a place for the people to be even more proud of.

Anonymous said...

Waterbridge's and JGs favourite song:

"Option C, Option C, Option C, Option C, Option C, Option Ceee,
Thanks a lot good old T D C,
Means lots of money for us and he"