Friday, June 02, 2006


Two photos, freshly “snapped” that illustrate a local problem.

The two scooters were quite literally racing along the promenade, this morning, coming from West Bay, through St Mildred’s Bay, towards Westbrook. Anybody in the way was advised to move quickly because they weren’t going to slow down.

You can see that one of the riders noticed that I was pointing a camera in his direction but couldn’t get a good shot.

They know of course, that there is very little chance of being caught and even less chance of having anything worse than a slap on the wrists if they were, which illustrates rather well a problem facing people in Thanet, every day. There are no deterrents - other than the limited fear of ASBOS - to anti-social behaviour and no real sanctions either.

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Anonymous said...

This is a national disease. They should have their bikes confiscated.