Friday, June 30, 2006

Save Cecelia

Reader Ann Finch writes:

"There is to be a site meeting next monday 3rd july at 11.15am at St Cecelia's Childrens Home, Sea Road.

St Cecelia's is situated on the corner of Domneva and Sea Road. It has a lovely green facing the sea and they have applied for planning permission to errect flats on the green.

It seems they had been refused permission in 2005 but they have lodged an appeal.

Perhaps readers would like to attend the site meeting, as it seems on every little piece of green someone applies for planning perission, and of course it is always flats."


Anonymous said...

Just a reasonable comment: perhaps one should correct ones own spelling before slagging off the local rag. I'm gross myself at spelling but even I can spell (permission).
Synical snob

DrMoores said...

Quite right too.. a spelling mistake but I type fast and don't use a spelling checker I'm afraid!