Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Puff Puff

Guess what? A third cannabis farm has been found by police in Ramsgate; this time Princess Margaret Avenue where police found around 500 cannabis plants.

Kim Trong Do, a 27-year-old man of no fixed address, was arrested at the scene and later charged with producing cannabis and abstracting electricity.

He has been remanded in custody to appear before Margate magistrates on Friday.

Last Wednesday, police found a cannabis farm capable of growing between 500 and 600 cannabis plants when they searched a house in Grange Road. No arrests have yet been made.

The latest two finds follow the discovery of a farm at a Whitehall Road warehouse, which police say had the potential to produce millions of pounds worth of drugs, on May 8th.

Ramsgate may indeed be the new millionaire’s playground and keeping-up with the demand is obviously creating a thriving herbal cigarette industry. I wonder how many undiscovered plantations there are around the island.

Answers on a postcard or in the comments section please.


Anonymous said...

Its the smell, cant hide the smell of the damn plants. Thin blue line reported to be out of their cars walking around and sniffing the air.

eric blair said...

Is this being subsidised by the EC

Anonymous said...

Afraid not but presumably licenced growers (for legit medicinal purposes) get CAP grants. As houses and industrial units are receiving attention, has anyone tried growing it in the open in Thanet. I know a field of oilseed rape where a small crop might be hidden in.

Anonymous said...

Legalise it.
(From a non-smoker)

Anonymous said...

Kim Trong Do of no fixed abode. What about Princess Margaret Ave? Is this house a council house? If so they must know who occupies it.

As for legalising it. Well if you want a nation of deadbeats go ahead. We will eventually come to realise that cannabis is not the benign drug that the bombheads would have us believe. Have a wander through Thanet and see how many "screaming skulls" you can spot and I will guarantee they are all heavy dope smokers.

Anonymous said...

It's the drunks and crack heads that cause the problems-dope heads are laid back!

Anonymous said...

Too laid back is a problem!

Anonymous said...

Drugs are for losers.

worm said...

Drugs ARE for losers but if you cannot see that drug related crime is linked to its illegality, then you are not looking.

Be informed:
From The Independent

"Heroin: The solution?
The liberalisation of drug laws in Zurich has led to a massive fall in the number of new heroin users, according to a study published yesterday. Now Britain, which has the highest number of drug deaths in Europe, is being urged to follow suit
By Jeremy Laurance, Health Editor
Published: 02 June 2006
Drugs charities called yesterday for Britain to abandon its tough approach to heroin use after research showed one European city had cut the number of new addicts by transforming the image of heroin into a "loser drug".

The UK should follow the example of Zurich, which adopted a liberal drug policy a decade ago, and has seen an 82 per cent decline in new users of heroin, experts say."

Complete article here:


James Maskell said...

Isnt the Netherlands finding that having softer drugs laws arent working as well as they'd hoped?

Drugs are bad and we shouldnt be legalising it as one comment here says. I think that would send the completely wrong signal and would be irresponsible. Crystal meths has finally been re-classified as a Class A drug. It caused a huge mess in the US and while the re-classification is welcome, its rather late in the day. There is one possible exception and that is cannabis. However caution should be held as I dont think theres enough evidence that it has good enough medicinal uses.

Anonymous said...

We wont stop the illegal trade until Govts licence drug users and give heroin away for free. Remove the client base you kill the trade. Would I go on the game to pay illegal pushers for my habit or commit crimes if I could register and get it free? How long would the illegal business operate for if each time they trapped a new addict, the addict could sign on for free with a registered clinic? Much cheaper and more effective approach than billions spent by Govts all over the world trying to interdict the supply. Latest futile effort is 3000 troops in Helmand Province, Afghanistan and one death. A man from the Ministry with a case full of dollars would be more effective by buying the crops and then paying farmers MORE to grow food crops than they could get growing poppies. Too easy really.

James Maskell said...

I cant disagree with you more.

Anonymous said...

James, if the combined efforts of the UK and USA military, intelligence services, DEA, CIA, Coastguard, Customs, police etc are all unable to stop the flow of heroin and cocaine onto Thanet's streets, how do you stop it? If the driving force behind the illegal drugs industry is easy money, at a fraction of the cost of all present control methods, buying the crops and/or subsidising the poor in Columbia or Afghanistan to grow different crops will choke the source. Combine this with a registration system at home for junkheads and the supply of free drugs and you have :
1. Removed the supply chain.
2. Separated the customer from his
illegal supplier.

How would you put Tesco's out of business? Buy up their suppliers and open 'free' stores alongside their stores giving food and goods away.

Once you accept that the illegal drug trade is a business you defeat it using business methods. Tesco grew to its size in the UK market by screwing down prices from suppliers and providing products cheaper to the customer than small shops could buy from wholesalers. Apply the same principles to the drugs trade?

If you disagree, what do you suggest, continued failure?

Anonymous said...

Great that it should have happened in Princess Margaret Avenue. That old trout was into several forms of substance abuse, so hardly surprising it should happen in a road so foolishly named after her.