Thursday, June 29, 2006

Play Sardines for A Price

How do beat overcrowding on trains? Double the number of trains? Of course not. You double the fares instead to keep people off the trains!

"The Government struck a secret deal with Britain’s biggest train company to double fares on some routes as the cheapest way of reducing overcrowding. "

It's from today's Times newspaper, so read on.


James Maskell said...

Give Iris Johnston a job on the trains themselves...much more efficient than raising prices! Shes scary enough on the platform, on the trains themselves people would be downright terrified!

Seriously though, its a bit bizarre for Labour to be telling everyone and their dog to take public transport but then attempt to deter them. Did they not realise at the start that by pushing public transport, that more people might use it?

Chris said...

Let the train take the strain whilst your wallet feels the pain.

Chris said...

I wish Blogger had a setting for British summertime.

I looked at the time on my last post and nearly went back to bed :-)

Old Codger said...

More or longer trains might reduce rush-hour overcrowding but people have to get home between 4.30 and 7pm. If overcrowding has this hare brained answer from our incompetent Govt with its disconnected Transport Policy could I suggest a much more reliable and cheaper alternative?: do not run any trains during rush hour!