Monday, June 05, 2006

Not Our Problem Says Government - It's Yours

It’s all our fault then?

The Times reports that the Government has called on councils to deal with antisocial behaviour and increase street safety

Councils will lose funding from Whitehall if they fail to tackle yobs and thugs under plans to be approved by a Cabinet committee today.

Under the Respect Agenda, the Government has called on councils to get tough by supporting or challenging antisocial households, tackling truancy and providing activities for younger people.

From April, a council’s record in tackling antisocial behaviour will be taken into account when Whitehall fixes its revenue support grant: there will be penalties for those that fail.

Ed: How are we going to tackle a problem that is increasingly the norm in parts of Thanet? More police might be a start and banning the sale of alcohol to children with strict penalties for those who breach it. Becks beer is popular with twelve year olds from what I could see on my cycle ride along the sea front yesterday evening.

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worm said...

Mmm. Cutting funds to Councils should solve it. (??)

James Maskell said...

The Government really is fresh out of ideas if it thinks taking funding away from parts of the country with the worst anti-social behaviour problems is a good idea. Its worrying that the people who come up with these ideas are the ones running the country.

Anonymous said...

I had the pleasure of the company of 8 community wardens from all over Kent at the weekend and we have much to thank them for as those who live in Westgate can vouch for, with our big Tony! The problem is that their role is rather mixed from being eyes and ears on one hand and 'social workers'on the other. They can ask an underage scroat to stop drinking alcohol but not force them to. We need the equivalent of the French 'Town Police' working with Kent Police and with powers of arrest and lots of them. I find it amazing that Govt puts the onus on Local Authorities when its policies on soft punishment are largely to blame.
Like the Charter of the 1860s we need a new Chartist Movement so that the voice of the majority out here can be made loud and clear to Govt; build more prisons, recruit more police and PUNISH offenders.

Anonymous said...

anon again!

anti social kids.... this Government (badly losing control of the very core they are put in power to do) couldn't organise a pint pull in a brewery (or words to that effect).
What about our ANTI SOCIAL adults? Just last week, a retired East End "Lady" aged about 69, upset neighbours in our Street by playing music LoUdLy from 10 P.M. till 3 A.M.
One of these neighbours called the Police, as she did not know where the noise was coming from, but, at the age of 87 was not unduly frightened.
After the Police visit she started banging on the neighbour's wall with a hammer or similar for a further hour, and which is possibly worse, started shouting obscenities (F & C words) at her neighbours. This caused even more upset.
What can you do with somebody like this though, who, until now has behaved quite respectably, apart from parking her car on another neighbours lawn, thus upsetting him too.
BUT, then last night, I followed 4 kids down to the beach. These little poo-bags grafitti'd everything that was on the way! House walls, railway bridge....didn't was sprayed.

Harold Rd Resident said...

I really despair of TDC having any effect on what is worst about life in Thanet.
I called the much publicised
Streetline, which deals with antisocial behaviour, litter rubbish, graffiti, today - got an answerphone which wouldn't let me leave a message.
Where do you go from there?
I tried visiting the Cliftonville Community Support (or somesuch name) offices at 82 Northdown Rd.
There was someone at the back of the office who saw me waiting for 15 minutes outside but wouldn't answer the door which was locked - and this is a shopfront.
I gave up.
Let the area be covered in graffiti, strewn with rubbish, have dangerous pavements and half broken off lamp-posts.
Who cares? Not TDC for sure.
The officers just want their fat salaries and huge benefits.
I am only one person, I care but can do nothing on my own.
TDC used to answer the phone before they stonewalled you, now they don't even do that!

I collected dumped rubbish from a street in Cliftonville this week and when I tried to put it in a TDC big bin in the car park at the top of Harold Rd I was abused by the TDC driver of a transit sized truck and told I was flytipping!

I have previously been abused for this by the owner of the pet supplies store which is in Northdown Rd and borders on the car park where the bin is.

I just give up!

What is the point?

Whatever you do here you are on a loser.

worm said...

Maybe you should collect the dumped rubbish and put it on TDC's doorstep in Cecil Square.