Friday, June 23, 2006

Monkton Madness

A quick traffic update on the Monkton chemical spill which has seen the school and houses near the roundabout evacuated.

"A 500m exclusion zone is in place around a Kent village after a tanker carrying a potentially-explosive gas turned on its side on Friday morning." - BBC News

I just gave up trying to get to Herne Bay throughBirchington and ended-up reversing back down Birchington High Street to turn-off the road. It's complete traffic chaos trying to get in and out of Birchington with all the A299 traffic sent through the village and guess what...smack into the Canterbury Road roadworks at Westgate.

While sitting in the traffic I just happened to win a KMFM radio competition, answer is "Christopher Marlowe", so I get two tickets to see Flight 93 at the Odeon Canterbury. I didn't actually know what the prize was when I rang in with the answer, so dreams of a new Bentley or £5,000 cash went swiftly out of the window!


Anonymous said...

Tut Tut Simon. Fancy you thinking you could aspire to a Bentley when you're not even a Member of the Local Authority!!

Mr Friday said...

That tanker driver deserves a kick in the crackers for putting so many people to such inconvenience.

Added over an hour to my journey too.

Anonymous said...

anon again!

UNFIT NARROW ROADS. I know the TDC is trying to catch up.... but they've had 30 years to modernise. A problem which they gleefully IGNORE, or delay until someone else gets killed!!!
These added to the probably speeding truck that was NOT expecting a roundabout.
Then loaded with highly dangerous gas or gasses, just the cocktail to practically cut Thanet off from the rest of the world.
Doesn't one of the Thanetians have something to do with the Ministry of Roads & Transport?

Nethercourt said...

Erm.. I think roads are down to KCC not TDC and I believe the Thanetian is now in health?

Mind you, I agree that you could put money on the speed issue. ;)

Anonymous said...

It is a worrying trend in this country that keeping traffic moving no longer seems a priority. No police directing; hours to clear up a mess and chaos abounds. No other modern state would allow it to take so long. It is interesting to see the effect of one link out of three into Thanet get scuppered when combined with a few critical roadworks.

Anonymous said...

anon again!

The Thanet roads haven't changed much since Ethelbert, Bertha & Ethelred
walked along them daily on their way to rule. Hereward took the scenic coastal route, to keep clear of the others. Our most modern stretch was laid by the Vikings when they landed at Pegwell, which went all the way to London. They took this back to Norway when they left. The remainder has big planes landing on it nowadays.

The KCC & TDC have never recovered the loss.

The situation is not disimilar to that of German owned water being supplied by Thames Water Autority. I honestly thought that water was provided by nature until now, just goes to show how wrong you can be. Paying so much for water is comparable to charging Rail fares to the people the Germans delivered to Auschwitz and Bergen Belsen 65 odd years ago.
It makes a mockery of Human Rights. Good job they didn't buy our Air, or did they?

This were just thoughts that crossed my mind trying to get some sleep on a humid summer night, and have no bearing on the realities of everyday life in Thanet.