Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Lost Boys

Not quite "Peter Pan", this interview from the Childrennow website:

"Thanet has the highest level of looked-after children anywhere in the country, because other authorities place children there," Bill Anderson, the director of children's social services at Kent County Council points out. "And Maidstone has the highest teenage pregnancy rate in England. We're also a gateway authority for asylum seekers, and we have hundreds of young unaccompanied minors coming through Dover."

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Anonymous said...

"Thanet has the highest level of not looked-after children anywhere
that I have ever lived.
I have seen kids as young as 5 or 6
playing outside until very late at night,while the so called caring parents are getting drunk or worse
no wonder the young of today are out of control with an upbringing like that.
Where are the Social Services and other authorities whilst this is happening,at home more than likely


Doreen Potts (Mrs) said...
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James Maskell said...

Im suprized to see a comment saying Social Services arent doing enough. I thought the message projected by the press was that Social Services were doing everything they could to tear families apart. A little refreshing to hear different. Social Services have a tough task, judging whether to go for calling for the children to be placed in care. Such a decision is a very serious matter with a wrong decision being potentially dangerous to the children involved.

Its a sad reflection on our society that the Government has to put out a brochure, paid for by the taxpayer, giving advice to Dads about how be a parent. That said, parenting is, in my opinion, the hardest job any person can do. I dont have children, but Ive seen good parenting and Ive seen bad parenting. If they are good at being parents, it looks natural. If they dont, the parents just cant do it, and the consequences of that we hear about oh so frequently.