Friday, June 30, 2006

Local Rag

I see the Gazette can't resist another swipe at me this morning. Once again the brilliantly talentless "smudger", quite unable to find a real job in journalism or a local topic of interest to write on, chooses to make an effort to justify his non-story of last Friday.

Without a doubt, the quality of journalism (and spelling) in the Thanet Gazette, is synonymous with the expression, "Local Rag but I'd be worried too in their shoes, because by the time they get to press each week much of what's happening in Thanet will have appeared here or in someone else's Weblog.

I would add that it's really very kind of them to mention me so frequently,for no apparent reason and drive so much traffic to this website. Thank you very much!


Anonymous said...

Smudger was a trifle rude I thought and perhaps you might have let him get to you a little as your comments above reveal.

The Gazunder has yet to pick up on the Montgomery Glass Houses project that Sandy Ezekiel made passing reference to two weeks ago in his Gazunder column. Huge investment in state of the art horticulture between Brooksend and St Nicholas Roundabout and all the way to the south between Seamark Road and dual carriageway to Monkton Roundabout. £7million + investment and 500 jobs for Thanet. From the Gazunder not a whisper?

DrMoores said...

On reflection, I'm sure your'e right. I find the tacky jibes one finds in his column offensive but he's like a blind man on a bicycle, if he doesn't keep pedalling his bad taste psuedo-journalism, he'll fall off!