Sunday, June 18, 2006

Like Magic

There is such a thing as magic or so one of our readers tells us in this anonymous comment:

“I can confirm that the eyesore property at 18 Harold Rd has been visited by TDC oficers and Sandy Ezekiel himself in the last week.

It looks like something positive is happening at last, why did it take so long?

A few mentions on this site and suddenly things start happening, truly amazing when three years of phone calls, letters and photos to TDC had little effect.

I am impressed.”

Ed: My thanks to the councillors involved for taking an interest in this story and for taking action as a consequence.


Anonymous said...

I do not know if Thanetlife has affected the attitude of the Gazunder in the past few months but I have detected a very noticeable change in its editorials and articles that are now reflecting many of the contributions to this site. Reasoned argument and debate in a forum like Thanetlife does appear to make a difference! Keep it up, Dr Moores. Is it possible that threats to get involved politically in the lead up to next May are also focusing minds?

Anonymous said...

If minds are getting focused on elections then the Cllrs I would like to get worried are poor old (is it 96 now?) Charlie Young who has finally to go to the knackers yard after many years of faithful (but not very useful recently) service and the other Salmestone Cllr Fuller who has never been there for us poor residents of that ward since some misguided voters elected him.
We need some effective representation!
I don't care what political party it is within reason (except not NF or BNP) its the person who counts in local representation.
James - are you going to stand? You have some connection and interest in Salmestone area.

PC Ploppy said...

Now all we have to do in Thanet is to get Thanet's Finest to take crime seriously.
I mean the sort of crime that affects all of us, antisocial so-called petty crime which makes this such a depressing place to live.
The graffiti, vandalism, antisocial behaviour, violence, car damage, etc. I needn't go on, you will know exactly what I mean.
I am told by a mole in Fort Hill that the late unlamented (by me at least) Supt Penny Martin used to give the boys in blue pep talks and tell them to implement zero tolerance but they didn't do it - and couldn't do it with the manning levels and paperwork they had available.
It would have meant neglecting more serious crime.
Lets hope that some sort of policing for petty crime is coming, even if its not actually Kent's Finest doing the job but some TDC employee on minimum wage in a dayglo jacket.
Anything's got to be better than what we have now - nothing.

Anonymous said...

anon again!

anti social behaviour can be reported on Tel: 577580 9 AM- 4.30 PM

Out of Hours on 292442.

Cases have to be genuine.

It's reassuring for older people to have this number.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the phone numbers anon 5.38 but what happens when you have reported it?
Forgive me for being sceptical but I have lived in Thanet too long to be trusting and hopeful.
Has anyone tried reporting asb to this number?
And if so - any action?

Anonymous said...

Anon of 5 38.
What do you think is meant by genuine?
OAPS aren't going to trump up charges are they?
I think they would have better things to do with that short time left to them than to invent antisocial behaviour.
Anyway they don't have to invent it, its all around us, so much of it.
And I know its just not only OAPS, it affects all of us.

James Maskell said...

I had a second walk past 18 Harold Road last week and I thought that compared to other houses nearby it wasnt that bad...Still, it wasnt very nice looking and its good to see something being done.

As for Salmestone, I recently rejoined the Conservative Party, therefore the decision as to whether I can stand in Salmestone ward in the upcoming elections is not mine to make. I dont live in Salmestone anymore (Cliftonville West now) but I do still work there.

The problem with Charlie Young is as many residents in the area know, his mobility isnt what it once was, and that he does rely on the support of more physically able people to help him (he has a couple of assistants). Its a shame as I know he does really try his hardest. As for Cllr Fuller, he was elected by a large number of people and I wouldnt say they were making a bad decision. The voters made the decision based on the information they had about him. I do understand why he isnt so involved in the ward as he is expected to.

Anonymous said...

One of the main problems with the youngsters around here is the perception of what is right or wrong.
They read the papers and listen to the news and they see that so called pillars of community get away with everything.
They see that if you cannot get your own way,destroy it,If you have money you can ignore the law.
If you have none the full weight of authority will fall on you from a great height,Read the papers and this happens every day.

what hope have the young when so called adults act exactly as they want,

What lessons do they learn?
What chance do they have?
I think that parents could take more resposibility for their kids,but at the end of the day it is society that should lead the way.


stuart said...

JG Burns - it seems like everyone is talking about Mr. G today! I sometimes wonder how it must feel to be so popular!

Anonymous said...

Answer to Stuarts post.

Did not mean any one person in particular.

But if the cap fits!!!!!


Anonymous said...

anon again!

just read a couple of points of interest!
I have lodged a complaint with the Environmental Protection Team about a neighbour who shouts abuse at HER neighbours regardless of sex or age, from 20 to 90, all have been affected. I got a nice letter back, how can I word it.... satisfactorily re-assured. I now have to wait & see if this abuse re-occurs, and have to register it with them. The Lady of Verbal pro-ess has had her letter too, so I am advised. Trouble is though, she is a Tennant and most of us here are Owners. So, if we get her removed... she will no doubt re-offend at her next point of lodging. I'm guessing that this Lady must be over 60. She comes from London. They came here a year ago, and the Police have had to be involved 5 times to my knowledge. There was word of DSS fraud, but this is only here-say. The rest is blanked off by Data Protection.

I will post on this site, if Dr Moores has no objections, any progress or outcomes involved with this matter.

Anonymous said...

Lets cut to the chase.

Folkestone Rotunda destroyed by ?

Ramsgate Pleasurama destroyed by ?

Margate Dreamland destroyed by ?

Asset stripping has brought about the demise of all three of these kent seaside resorts,and while nothing illegal has been done, should this have been allowed by the relevant local authorities.

The heart of Margate is gone and with it has gone the hopes, dreams and memories of thousands.

We are a seaside town with all that entails,work to the strengths we have,and once that is working you can add all the things like art galleries and old town arts quarter,It is not a case of one replacing another,it is one complemeting the other.

All the millions spent on turner could have been used to turn Dreamland into a world class fun park,instead we have nothing.





Anonymous said...

Sounds like it's time you moved.

stuart said...

It's not the end for Dreamland - its just a big blip in its history.

Wait and watch. This time next year Sandy will be back selling carpets, Jimmy Godden will be in the Cayman Islands with Eastcliff Richard and Dreamland will be half way through its last duff summer under the control of Waterbridge.