Thursday, June 15, 2006

It's a Game

Some good news tonight beyond the England match result. The BBC reports a teenager has been arrested over the assault on a German student in Dane Park ten days ago.

Christian Hattensperger, 16, suffered a cut to his head when he was attacked while playing football in the park on 7th June.

An 18-year-old man, from Margate, was arrested on Wednesday night on suspicion of assault.

Kent Police said the teenager had been released on bail pending further inquiries.

What are the odds that the suspect -if the police press charges - has “issues” and that if found guilty, will walk away from the court with a grin on his face? Would anyone care to bet on a stiff deterrent sentence? Possibly not.


Anonymous said...

anon again!

Send the idiot to Germany for a few weeks.... zay haff vays ov dealink viv SCHEISSE!
(not while the soccer is on though!)

Anonymous said...

I know a good bar in Munster where some seriously butch guys hang out. Send the nasty piece of work along to explain why he likes assaulting their country-men.

Anonymous said...

I have a serious question to ask but first some observations .... I know loads of kids - er - young adults - that have gone off to college and university and when they come back to Thanet - back home - they are shocked by the grief, hassle and general glumness there is here amongst the youth they have left behind. They couldnt spot it when they lived here but now they have left and tasted normal communities, experienced what it is like in places where they are not afraid to wander in the city centre at night - they dont want to stay and who could blame them. I walked from the council offices to the multi storey car park and in that short time I witnessed a mother have a screaming fit with what must have been her 4 year old daughter - just because the kid wanted to hold mummys hand ... a teen age girl drifted by holding a phone to her ear and every other word began with 'F' and then a group of chavvs - hooded and capped - exercised their right to free speech by shouting profanities at each other as they discarded their McDonalds 'eat out' remnants along the pedestrian pavement. It is NOT like this everywhere - go to Deal and walk in the high street - go to Sandwich - go to Herne bay, Whitstable, Dover, Canterbury ... go anywhere and it is not the same. What is it? What have we done - and I mean we - because everyone is part of the cause. If you do nothing you are part of the cause. If you are a parent and allow it to happen you are part of the cause. If you are police or magistrates and are too lenient you are part of the cause. I know it is EASY to sit here behind 'anon' and make these comments but what do we do?
My first urge is like that of many others - punish them - bang them up - but that does not address the cause ... which starts waaaaay back in infancy. The kids are just not brought up right. They continue to cause trouble at school where the staff are powerless to do anything about it -they get no qualifications or vocational training and are soon out on the street.
I will also be looking at what sentence is given to the thug who attacked the student in the park. I expect that he will have a drink or drug problem - a history of trouble with the police - history of problems when he was at school and at home ... he will be released to do community work or pay a fine of 50p every week for two years ... What do we do to change this ......?