Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Great School Robbery

Cllr Clive Hart is concerned that money has been snatched from Thanet Schools. He writes:

"Kent County Council has postponed projects and schemes to rebuild refurbish and enhance school facilities at four of Thanet’s Special schools.

The projects were part of a multi-million pound investment programme promised to some of Thanet’s most vulnerable children and included at least one new school build in Cliftonville.

Clive adds: ‘once more Thanet residents are being treated badly. We are promised great things time and time again but then at the last minute the plug is pulled. Hours, weeks and months of staff time have been wasted, the very valuable time of some of our most dedicated and committed local teachers.'

Many thousands of pounds have also been thrown away by KCC on architects and consultants. It’s Turner Contemporary all over again but this time the victims are children.

The schools affected serve some of the most vulnerable children in one of the most deprived areas in the county, yet some buildings are completely unfit for purpose and the children are being denied an effective education. I want to know who made the decision that other special schools across Kent should get their build first?"

Cllr. Hart claimes to be appalled at the way this matter has been handled and has tabled a question for the next meeting of KCC asking why, after all the promises he says have been made, the four Thanet Special Schools have been singled out to have their new build funding postponed?

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Anonymous said...

while i agree with clive about school funding why does he have to have a pop about turner contemporary..he and his lady wife were at a private view put on by TC(exibition put on by local artists-well worth a look at Droit House}and he was drinking wine and by all accounts seemed to support TC hmmmm....