Sunday, June 25, 2006

Fresh Ideas

"Your attitude seems to support the suggestion, made twice in this strand today by different people (as your checks will show), that you chose "gay child abuse" because you thought it might whip up some extreme, hostile and homphobic comment and reaction. You must indeed be very disappointed. You'll have to try immigration again, won't you?"

Ed: In answer to the comment above, we seem to be fresh out of hostile and homphobic comment today, so does anyone have any topics to offer on a quiet Sunday afternoon. Perhaps not immigration though. How about football?


Anonymous said...

Note how the media makes it sound like problems in Stuttgart are the result of only English fans with very slight mention of German fans. Usual middle class snobbery of the British Press, anything to beat down our fans. Wish the jabbering classes would stick to speaking about their mortgages, equity and pension plan lifestyles and leave the rest of us to get on with our lives. The British press wouldn't know a story if it blew up in their faces:

Amy J. said...

How about a busy day in Thanet Magistrates Court tomorrow for TDC Revenue Officers.?

Over 1000 summons have been issued for the magistrates to award Liability Orders. Now you might have nothing better to do tomorrow than sit in court but even though 700+ may have paid arrears and be upto date with Council Tax payments as a result of being summoned, they will still be proceeded against. This is so that 'reasonable costs' can be recovered by TDC, currently £50 per individual summons. So £50,000 or more can be added to late payers bills tomorrow in addition to charges already made for reminders etc.
A nice afternoon's work for Mr Couls and his team. The message is clear; don't fall behind with your Council Tax or the Revenue Officers will be on the case. To be fair, if you have problems talk to them and go and see them. Ignore the final reminders at your peril.

I cannot help contrasting the lot of the poor man with the rich man. According to the 'Gazunder' a few months ago, failure by JG to cough up £64,000 for work carried out by TDC led to £64,000 being written off. No problem TDC, you'll get an extra £50,000 into the coffers when the Magistrates have finished tomorrow afternoon.

Dane Valley Ted said...

I had a fine imposed by the magistrates court a few years ago,
I missed one payment and a distress warrant was issued and bailiffs turned up at the door,all within the space of 7 days,how do other people get away without paying for months and then have it written off or perhaps i should not ask

Snailspace said...

Because you don't have "issues" and are easily traceable.
The only people to get hammered by the so called law are the ones who pay their bills tax ,insure and mot their vehicles and are generaly law abiding. Easy Target.
Joe scumbag can get away with murder. Youv'e only got to look through the local papers to find a multitude of stabbings muggings. assult etc. Its all very depressing.

Doreen Potts (Mrs) said...

Well I'm very glad all these unpleasant issues have been set to one side, at least for now. My son is gay, and I love him dearly despite it. He has lots of interests that don't involve all those late night clubs and things. He sometimes comes with me to bingo, or when I go to tea with my friend Gladys - who arranges flowers in the local church even though she doesn't believe. And he adores country cottages; he visits as many as he can during the summer months. Ooops, dropped a stitch. Multi-tasking and I'm just a silver smurfer - think that's what Terry called me.