Friday, June 16, 2006

Fixed Penalty Fines for Litter Louts

Tough new penalties are to be introduced by Thanet Council on those who dump rubbish, drop litter or fail to clear up after their dogs, following a major public consultation.

The Council’s Cabinet last night (Thursday 15th June) agreed a new Enforcement Policy, which increases the level of Fixed Penalty Fines for certain offences.

The changes were made after local residents on the Council’s new Community Matters panel were asked how environmental health issues, such as littering, dog fouling, noisy neighbours, dumped rubbish and graffiti, should be enforced by the Council. Residents’ panels were held in Ramsgate and Margate and a Members’ forum was also held.

The majority of people wanted the Council to crack down on these issues and impose the highest possible fines, but they felt it was important that residents should know about the new fines and that action could be taken against them.

Cllr. Ingrid Spencer, Cabinet Member for Community Services, said: “We have listened to what local people have told us – their priorities are issues that affect them, such as dumped rubbish, dog fouling and litter dropped in the street, and these are the issues that we will be taking tough action on. We know that clean streets are a priority for residents and that’s why we brought the street cleaning service back in house in April, but that’s only part of the answer. We’ve got to encourage people to keep Thanet beautiful. Dropping litter, dumped rubbish and dog fouling is not acceptable here and the increased levels of fines should reinforce that message. We are not prepared to put up with this type of behaviour any longer – and neither is the community. The Council will be starting to crack down on those who make our area dirty over the next couple of months.”


Cllr David Green said...

Last year, the Councils effectiveness at dealing with litter offenders fell to a new low, with only one succesful proseccution for littering and one for dog fouling.
This compares with double figure numbers 4 years ago.
The reasons for this are complex and have been partly addressed by this new policy. A major factor however concerns the resources devoted to the whole process of catching culprits through to proscution. I have asked the administration to detail what new resources they are devcoting to this, particularly in the area of wardens and the legal department.

Anonymous said...

Much as i applaud the Council for trying,there is the question of,

A. How many people will be employed

B. What powers will they have

C. Will they target all people and not just those who look law abiding

For instance, will they go after drunks with big dogs?,Or large gangs of youths?

No, they will not,it will be the mum's whose baby drops a sweet wrapper,easy target,easy money
Hard targets will be ignored as usual.


Anonymous said...

Can you imagine it

"Margate Police Station here",

"Your a what? Oh! a Warden"

"You want what? Some help"

"How many officers? "TEN"!!!!

"I'm sorry sir,They are all at lunch"

"How big a Barkers nest?

"And the owner will not pay up?

"How drunk? Oh Dear"

"Well Warden", this is what you do"

"Run and find a little old lady"

"Make sure she has a dog with her"

"Nick her instead"


Anonymous said...

I haven't heard the term 'Barker's Nest' before! A nice way of describing a pile of..... Is it a term in common usage?

Anonymous said...

Borrowed from

Anonymous said...

The good thing about dog owners who let their dogs foul and don't clean it up is that they generally have a set place and time of appearance. They are creatures of habit.
OK - you don't get them the first time but you do on the umpteenth repetition of the offence.
It needs good intelligence - thats what the public can provide to the wardens.
Something like:
Mr X who is a medium height tatooed gent in his 20's wearing a baseball cap takes his pit bull for a walk every evening about 9pm from Scurvy Rd to Cesspit Alley, he nevers clears up after his dog.
Now if the wardens can't get him on that info they shouldn't be in the job.
It mnight also be an OAP who is the dogowner, I have seen both types of offenders quite regularly.

Anonymous said...

One of my neighbours in Cliftonville used to walk dog at about 9.30 pm and if my gate was open the canine pest left a turd on my front lawn. Solution to problem was collect excrement in bag and knock on their door and hand it back. Problem solved!

Anonymous said...

I have found just putting it through the leterbox is fairly effective.
Get the correct house though.
I have broached the subject of dog do's with several local offending dog owners over the last 10 years,they are often unpleasant people to deal with.
I can also be unpleasant to deal with with on this nasty subject and as a last resort have offered to follow them home and wee up their front door - or worse.
I have also offered to give their mangy hound a good kicking if I saw it do it again, actually I wouldn't have but it seemed to work as a threat.
They seem impressed by this and now walk their dogs on the other side of the road from my house.
A small victory I suppose.