Friday, June 09, 2006

Fishy Story

A delegation from the Korean Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries has visited Ramsgate's Royal Harbour to learn more about its fishing fleet.

The group was on a Europe wide fact finding mission on sea fishing and wanted to find out more about the history of fishing on the Kent coast.

During their visit to Ramsgate, they were able to talk to the Chairman of the local Fishermen's Association and see examples of the fishing fleet.

Ramsgate's Royal Harbour, which has been a major fishing harbour for more than 300 years, is now home to the biggest fishing fleet in the south east. Despite a general decline in the industry due to the reduction in fishing stocks and European fishing quotas, the number of boats operating from Ramsgate has increased in recent years, with a number of new fast inshore fishing vessels joining the fleet since 2000.

Ed: All the way from Korea to see Ramsgate! Given the decimation of the UK’s fishing industry thanks to Europe, I’m surprised that they came here rather than Bilbao or perhaps they decided to visit both, as Bilbao also has the Guggenheim museum.

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Anonymous said...

Ramsgate's fleet is small stuff compared to factory ships seen off Skye a couple of years ago, taking herring for delivery to Mallaig for smoking. An historical oddity?