Thursday, June 29, 2006

Fantasy Island

Contrary to the allegations to be found elsewhere, I haven’t kicked-out anyone else’s weblogs from this site. In fact, rather than list the growing number of Thanet ‘bloggers’, I’ve simply put a link into the Thanet bloglist which is doing a much better job than me in keeping track of them all. So no, DrM isn’t having “a hissy fit” he’s merely tidied up the sidebar as you can see if you scroll down the page a little.

Some people seem to spend far too much time trying to interpret the most mundane actions on this weblog.


Chris Wells said...

I have pointed out to David Green and Eastcliff Richard on the eastcliff matters site that they are mistaken and should apologise. It will be interesting to see if David is as quick to admit error as to claim hurt. There are some who love dishing it out, but cant take any little hint of a mistake of their own cross their lips. Lets hope David proves me wrong - if he does I shall happily acknowledge!

David Chamberlain said...

Even if someone takes down a link to another's website (which I understand hasn't actually happened here as such) to take down the reciprocal link without knowing why seems and then to make mention of it seems infantile as if it's a big deal. Perhaps it was just a bad judgement call and one to leave be?

Old Codger said...

I hope we will hear more from Cllr Green. I see that Doreen Potts has been edited but still has comments on previous threads. I thought I detected the wit of EastCliff Richard in the posts? Some amusing comments and style that reminded one of Dame Edna or 'Mrs Doubtfire' as played by Robin Williams. Ramsgate's millionaire playing games?

Cllr David Green said...

The item on my blog Eastcliff Matters was about new links, and said

"Linking Up
I've put up a link to Kent on Sunday news because they do very occasionally print my letters, and to KMFM because I'm on there today talking about TDC's Tax collection debacle. Also to BIGNEWSMARGATE, though why he has to shout I dont know?
I've taken off the link to Thanetlife because he's removed the link to Eastcliff Matters, dont know why?"

I had noted the link to Thanet Bloglist, so I thought "what's good enough for Thanet's leading Blogger is good enough for me ;-)"