Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Daft Ideas

Shock horror. I’ve come home and there’s no cold beer in the fridge to keep company with the World Cup game. Very soon, the streets will be deserted until darkness has fallen and the drunken shouts of happy or disappointed fans are heard as they weave their way home towards Margate.

The big event of the coming weekend appears to be the Margate “Raft Race” on Sunday. I know it happens every year but have never watched it. This year however, I have been asked to tow an advertising banner over it, so perhaps I’ll manage some photos of the ‘action.’

Coming back from the airfield this afternoon on my motorbike, I tried to avoid the road works in Westgate by using the coastal road from Birchington. The roads department were however cleverer than me and made sure that there was no way home, by strategically placing a set of temporary traffic lights in my path where Sea Road meets Westgate Bay Avenue. I’m tempted to drive along the promenade instead. After all, if the mini motorcycles and scooters manage to do this with impunity, then why not a big motorbike? I can just imagine everyone following from the entrance to the promenade at Westbay to the exit opposite Pav’s café in St Mildred’s Bay. All the Canterbury Road rush-hour traffic spontaneously giving an ancient hand salute to the road works and finding an unorthodox detour instead. There’s always the kayak I suppose and it’s a greener solution to the traffic problem too!

The photo is of Roxburgh Road in Westgate before the first car made its appearance.


Dobson of Margate said...

Clearly the big event of the weekend is the inter-band football tournament at Dane Park.

Cllr David Green said...

I beg to differ. The big event will be the free kids party and quality music event on the Eastcliff Bandstand in Ramsgate. See you there?

Snailspace said...

Ever thought of a wet bike.
Just zip across the bays to Margate.
Also Shotendane road was clear today.
I use a Motorcycle to get round Thanet every day and have no problems.

Anonymous said...

Your all wrong, the big event of the week end will be the big empty space that used to be Dreamland.