Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Closing Down

Ann Finch reveals that five shops have now closed down or are in the process of closing down in Westgate. What's happening there? Is it coincidence, the WestWood Cross effect or a local recession. Does anyone know?


Anonymous said...

A depressing afternoon. Popped into Westgate for afternoon scone and coffee in Vinery Cafe whilst wife did some shopping. Found the place being stripped out and closed for any further business with TO LET signs already on windows. Decided to partake of coffee in Marina Cafe by Primark at Margate harbour. Proprietor saying he has had the worst start to season since family opened business over 30 years ago.
General consensus is that Westwood effect is far more serious than just on Margate; add this to first signs of recession reported by Lymington Rd trader " People are just not spending, they dont have the money" and outlook is bleak.

Anonymous said...

anon again!

Water....... UP!
Gas.......... UP!
Electricity... UP!
C. Tax....... UP!

WAGES........ SAME as past 10 years... what's up!
Cuppa at home, 10p... Cuppa in Cafe, £1 !
As long as we have CORRUPT utility supplier's, there wont be much spare cash!

John King said...

The way my metered water bill is going up it'll be cheaper to drink tea in a cafe.

Anonymous said...

We need a Thanet campaign that acknowledges Westwood X but which balances well with local shops, 'Use 'em or loose 'em'. We get our shopping at big stores once a month but once a week we top up in Westgate. It's not too difficult to park if you must drive and up to now has been a vibrant little shopping community. Maybe the Gazette could run features on alternatives to Westwood X and the big stores in it's Friday edition?