Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Cemetery Stabbing

Kent Online reports that a man who went to help his friend who was being beaten up in Margate cemetery was stabbed in the side.

The 18-year-old victim was with his friends at St John’s parish church at Churchfields, Margate, between 10.30pm and 11.30pm on Friday when the attack happened.Police say he was also cut on the face and leg, and was treated at the Queen Mother hospital, Margate, for his injuries. He is from Sittingbourne.

The two men that attacked him wore a red hoody and a dark-coloured hoody.Anyone with information is asked to contact Det Sgt Mark Dennis at Margate police station, 01843 222194.


Anonymous said...

Just a little vignette from my amble in Thanet last night... It was as most of you might agree a pleasant evening yesterday, and thus feeling in need of a little liquid refreshment i ventured forth to the off licence wherein i purchased some cold bottles fine imported larger. This amble took no more than 10 minutes and many early evening pleasantries were exchanged between myself and others promenading. However on my way back to my dwellings i was confronted by two extremely unpleasant swaggering drunken youths who told me they were looking for a fight and being as i was a complete cu** i would do, "come on, anyone anyone, all i want is a fight"..."i just want to hit someone" yelled one with the England shirt (how saddening) Being of a foppish nature i turned the other cheek and advised my verbal assailant he should seek council at a boxing gym "you cu**" is all i heard as i beet a hasty retreat. As i looked back some minutes later i saw them running off with a stolen chalk board from outside a pub/restaurant with a barmaid in hot pursuit... Sometimes i wish i was Jackie Chan.

Snailspace said...

Well the two assailants refered to describe about 90% of Thanet's dregs.
If your wearing a hoddie or a basball hat you've got to guilty of something