Friday, June 02, 2006

Broadstairs Men Cross Channel in Kayak

The BBC reports that two Broadstairs men have crossed the English Channel non-stop in a kayak, raising almost £2,500 for charity.

Mike Humber, 32, and Travis Spencer, 33, set off on the 22-mile (35km) trip on Thursday after being delayed by the weather earlier in the week.

The men, made the trip from St Margaret's Bay, near Dover, to Cape Gris Nez in five hours and 26 minutes.

Just over halfway into the journey, the men had to paddle hard to avoid the 500m (1,640ft) tow rope of a tug pulling a large tanker in the shipping lane.

"Had we failed to do this we would have had to change course adding 30 minutes to the journey," Mr Humber said.

Both men also had injuries which hindered their progress in the 14ft (4.3m) long craft.

"I had a lower back injury and had to take painkillers for the second half of the journey.

"Travis had a bad wrist so could only really paddle on one side for the last leg of the trip and I had to compensate on the other side," said Mr Humber.

Both men had been kayaking for a number of years and had gradually increased the length of their journeys in preparation for crossing the Channel.

The money raised will go to Cancer Research UK and the Arthritis Research Campaign.

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