Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Barking Mad

I’m going to have to work out a way of bi-locating myself or perhaps even borrow one of the ‘transporters’ from Start Trek. To give you an idea, next week, I’m scheduled to tow a Veterans Day banner for the MOD over the Imperial War Museum, Westminster and the South Bank and at the same time I’ve been asked to pop-in to a meeting in room A5 E3, at the European Parliament in Brussels. Meanwhile, Uncle Sam wants to know if I can do a job for him in "Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan or Uzbekistan most probably"; absolutely nothing to do with aircraft either.

And no, my poor overworked aircraft isn’t quick enough to do both either although for London, we have to use a twin-engined job, just in case there’s a problem over such a heavily built-up area. In case you’re wondering, there’s lots of paperwork involved and a mystery too. The National Air Traffic Service (NATS) doesn’t appear to have a fax machine, which makes shuttling the documents back and forth for approval a little bit of a challenge I’m told.

Latest rumour is that the Big Wheel in ‘Godden’s Gap’ hasn’t simply gone but was stolen in the early hours of the morning and was last seen floating out to sea by the Coastguard. This week’s competition asks readers to suggest what might next appear in the ‘Gap’ now the area’s principal amusement park attraction has gone AWOL. Any suggestions?

It just occurred to me with the powerboat races almost upon us, that with Jet skis now so popular, we could probably put on a national Jet Ski race competition in Thanet, with a race course off Margate. I’m sure it would attract hundreds of entrants and would be another reason for putting Thanet on the summer events map. Good idea or completely barking mad? What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but there is no room in "Goddens Gap" left,

T.D.C has got it's tongue so far up
there it is blocked.


Anonymous said...

And of course the security of the petrol storage would be a bit suspect,Who knows what "accidents" could happen ?


Anonymous said...

My best guess is that "Goddens Gap" will end up as an access road to a housing estate built on the Dreamland car park! Just what we do not need.

Anonymous said...

Saw some plans two years ago,Access rd was exactly where g's gap is,co-incidence or what


Anonymous said...

Jet skis are the nautical equivalent of those hairdryers on wheels called mopeds; horrible things.

As far as Godden's Gap is concerned I suggest we have the Dreamland Visitor Centre built there. Similar to the Turner Contemporary Visitor Centre it could serve a purpose for something that doesn't exist!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Goddens big Deal is coming back its only on loan to another friend who's having a garden party in Cliftonville. No TDC won't see it because they never open their eyes and by the time they do do someting about it it will have gone back to its original opening on the sea front. By the time the Council realise its back on the sea front it will have been taken down after the summer because the councilor's don't work in July and August. Sorry do the ever?

stuart said...

The wheel is not coming back. There has been a new development in the Dirty Tricks Campaign being run by Waterbridge.

A further attempt to indicate the park is not viable, just like the removal of the finn sign and the painting over of the others and the ugly fence in front of the scenic station.

The general public in Thanet will think the wheel didnt return because of poor rider numbers and they need to know thats not entirely the case.

So whats to go in the gap then? Someone said it's going to be some kind of archery. It'd be nice to think Webbs would put a smaller wheel in the gap but it's unlikely as this land isn't leased to them. Waterbridge arranged the wheel and dearranged it to by the sound of it!!