Thursday, June 22, 2006

Anti-social Behaviour - Ask Sandy

In this week's "Ask Sandy", a reader challenges the council's new policy on tackling anti-social behaviour. How tough will it be and will it be inclusive in its execution?

Q: Can Sandy explain the measures now being taken by the council to tackle and prosecute anti-social behaviour and re-assure residents that council officers charged with enforcement, won't simply be focusing on "soft-targets." Will the council be able to provide the level of personal security that its enforcement personnel will need in dealing with the more unpleasant and aggressive members of our community?

A: "Let’s be clear here – the new enforcement policy that the Council has agreed is not about hitting so called “soft targets”. Everyone will be treated in an appropriate way. We know that we need to concentrate on those who continually litter our streets, as that’s what we intend to do.

But before we get there, the first thing we want to do is make people aware that there are new, increased penalties for dropping litter. We’ve done this, because that’s what people told us they wanted. They thought the highest possible fines should be imposed, but they made the point that it’s important that people know about these fines and the action that could be taken against them.

That’s the stage we’re at right now – making sure that people know that the Council will be soon be getting tough on this issue. Dropping litter is unacceptable. Residents have told us that they want clean streets – that’s their top priority. That’s why we brought the street cleaning and waste and recycling collection back in house at the beginning of April, so we could provide an improved service, but everyone needs to play their part by not littering the streets to begin with.

As far as providing personal security for our enforcement officers goes, the safety of all our staff is our foremost concern and we will not tolerate any attacks, be they physical or verbal, on any member of Council staff. The last thing we want is to put any of our officers into dangerous situations. That’s why we’ll be carrying out risk assessments before this enforcement action starts and we’ll be training all the officers who’ll be handing out Fixed Penalty Notices, so that they understand how to deal with unpleasant and aggressive situations."


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but he didnt answer the question. All he did was allay fears for council members who possibly come under attack personally or about litter bugs getting penalised.I am sure the question was relating to the "thug" in the street & those who wish to attack members of the public. No answers to the question was made as far as I can read.

Anonymous said...

Litter is the soft target,what about the late night events, violence,burning of stolen cars and grafitti
no wardens about then,police overstretched and cannot be everywhere
It's been said before, easy target,easy money
Aim for the head and the body dies
Start with the hard stuff and people will see you mean business,you will get better results that way


Anonymous said...

Ezekiel really should resign.

Anonymous said...

Ezekial should go back to laying carpets and leave politics.

Anonymous said...

Someone should tell Sandy to go and take some advise from his officers before he comes out with such rubbish (excuse the pun). If he thinks that the new responsibilities of local government are limited to picking up lolly-pop sticks, then god help us.

Anonymous said...

With answers like this, it's not surprising that Thanet is in the state it is. For crying out load we need proper representation with people with a few brain cells. But where are they, and why will they not stand for election?

Amy J. said...

Give the guy a chance,people. Littering and fly tipping is the bane of a civilised town and makes us appear 3rd world. I would like to see enforcement not only in the towns but also on our country lanes. Litter on an urban street quickly gets picked up; throw it out of a car on the Manston Road and it remains for ages as an eyesore and little mammal killer. Last summer I found water filled crisp bag with three drowned short tailed voles trapped in it. the state of the Shottendane/ manston Rd junction area brings shame on us all.

Amy J.