Saturday, June 17, 2006

Air Show Update

Lots going on at the Air Show today and without a doubt, it's busier than last year.

I have to sort through at least two hundred photos, the best of which I'll make available here but for starters, a view of Thanet from 12,000 feet and the view over the tailgate of the C130 Hercules as the RAF Falcons dropped-in or out in this case, to open the show.

All my photos can be found here.


Anonymous said...

Let's hope the show is safe, and a roaring success.

Mr Friday said...

The show itself was very good.

However, the staggering incompetence of the "marshalls" in the car park at Palm Bay school afterwards defied belief. It took me an hour to get out.

Loads of minumum wage monkeys without an organ grinder in sight. I saw one listening to his ipod and one texting on his mobile while hundreds of cars were trying to pour out of 1 entrance.

A crap end to a good day.

worm said...

Great aerial pic. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Saw some of it out of my back windows in Westbrook - very impressive - and very loud - GREAT!!!
I would love Manston to be this loud and this busy.

We'd all be doing better in Thanet.

Anonymous said...

Just going back to staggering incompetence for a mo...
11.20am Sunday. Public toilets at Walpole Bay NOT open!
Let's hope 20,000 people can hold it.

Anonymous said...

Caption: "Even from 12,000 feet one can clearly see the wakes of the Tory Administration members swimming away from and deserting the sinking ship that is Thanet District Council. God speed, Burghers!"

Anonymous said...

The toilets at Walpole Bay are finally opened. At 3.30! An hour and a half before the end of the event!
Fantastic TDC! Well done.

Anonymous said...

The best view was gained by sitting in a boat off Palm Bay.

Anonymous said...

TDC have informed me they too think it would have been a good idea to have the toilets in Walpole Bay open on Sunday but as they don't own them there was nothing they could do. Which is strange in view of the fact that Thanet Bowls Club seem to be under the impression that TDC lease the toilets from them and are responsible for their opening and maintenance. People at the Bowls club inform me that they were told by TDC on Saturday that there was a "blockage" and they were waiting for a plumber, so someone else at TDC is obviously under the impression they are responsible.
Another odd thing: when the plumber finally arrived at 3.30 (half an hour after The Bowls Club was forced to close due to empty tanks in the toilet after use by 20,000 people) it took all of 90 secs for him to fix the "blockage" and allow the hopping public access. Miraculous.
Sorry if this seems petty but a Local Council who tells whopping porkies in order to squirm out of taking its responsibilities seriously does not seem so petty to moi. I wonder. It couldn't be anything to do with most of the public enjoying the spectacle for free instead of forking out the tenner to use their specially laid on Portacabins could it? I think we should be told.

Anonymous said...

i think that the people that live in this area myself being one, should be give a residents parking permit. i live on northdown road near the old charles public house, and this was one of the roads that did not have no parking cones laid out. when i went out to the shops in my car and returned to find not a single place on the whole stretch of road to park in.(probably due to air show visiters) i went to park in on of the side streets not more than 15 yards from my front garden, and was stopped by one of the security, only to be turned away, even after explaining where i live. i eventually found a parking margate.